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Photographic study of hydrodynamics of drops of aqueous polymer solution impinging on hot solid
  Fujimoto, Hitoshi, Watanabe, Shohei, Okamoto, Takahiko, Hama, Takayuki, Takuda, Hirohiko (2015-01)
  Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 60: 66-74
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Lignin pyrolysis reactions
  Kawamoto, Haruo (2017-01-17)
  Journal of Wood Science: 1-16
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Hydrogen retention behavior of beryllides as advanced neutron multipliers
  Fujii, Y., Miyamoto, M., Kim, Jae Hwan, Nakamichi, M., Murayoshi, N., Iwakiri, H. (2016-12)
  Nuclear Materials and Energy, 9: 233-236
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Relativistic soliton formation in laser magnetized plasma interactions
  Feng, W., Li, J. Q., Kishimoto, Y. (2016-05)
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 717(1)
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Ionization and acceleration of heavy ions in high-Z solid target irradiated by high intensity laser
  Kawahito, D., Kishimoto, Y. (2016-05)
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 717
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Laser-matter interaction in cluster medium in the radiation dominated regime
  Iwata, N., Kishimoto, Y., Wu, F., Fukuda, Y. (2016-03)
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 688(1)
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Decomposition behaviors of various crystalline celluloses as treated by semi-flow hot-compressed water
  Abdullah, Rosnah, Ueda, Kazuyoshi, Saka, Shiro (2013-10)
  Cellulose, 20(5): 2321-2333
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Cross-field potential hill arisen eccentrically in toroidal electron cyclotron resonance plasmas in the Low Aspect ratio Torus Experiment device to regulate electron and ion flows from source to boundary
  Kuroda, Kengoh, Wada, Manato, Uchida, Masaki, Tanaka, Hitoshi, Maekawa, Takashi (2015-06-18)
  Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 57(7)
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Trends in Japanese households' critical-metals material footprints
  Shigetomi, Yosuke, Nansai, Keisuke, Kagawa, Shigemi, Tohno, Susumu (2015-11)
  Ecological Economics, 119: 118-126
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Comparative study on topochemistry of delignification from Japanese cedar and Japanese beech by hydrothermal treatment
  Takada, Masatsugu, Saka, Shiro (2015-12)
  Journal of Wood Science, 61(6): 602-607
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