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Single-shot nanosecond laser ablation of Ni in low and high viscosity liquids at different temperatures
  Wang, Xiaofeng; Ando, Kota; Feng, Nan; Nakajima, Takashi (2022-08)
  Applied Surface Science, 592
Enhancing laser-nanoparticle interactions by diffused laser beams: efficient size-reduction of nanoparticles
  Zheng, Xinyue; Ando, Kota; Wang, Xiaolong; Sakka, Tetsuo; Nakajima, Takashi (2022-07)
  Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 55(27)
A two-step screening to optimize the signal response of an auto-fluorescent protein-based biosensor
  Tajima, Shunsuke; Nakata, Eiji; Sakaguchi, Reiko; Saimura, Masayuki; Mori, Yasuo; Morii, Takashi (2022-05-20)
  RSC Advances, 12(24): 15407-15419
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Charge–Discharge Behavior of Graphite Negative Electrodes in FSA-Based Ionic Liquid Electrolytes: Comparative Study of Li-, Na-, K-Ion Systems
  Yamamoto, Takayuki; Yadav, Alisha; Nohira, Toshiyuki (2022-05)
  Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 169(5)
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  向井, 啓祐; 大村, 涼; 八木, 重郎; 笠田, 竜太 (2022-05)
  日本電子news, 54(1): 10-14
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Draft Genome Sequence of the Polychlorinated Biphenyl Degrader Comamonas testosteroni Strain YAZ2, Isolated from a Natural Landscape in the Tohoku Region of Japan
  Hara, Tomijiro; Takatsuka, Yumiko; Shiwa, Yuh; Yokota, Kenji (2022-01-20)
  Microbiology Resource Announcements, 11(1)
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Hydrogen permeation from F82H wall of ceramic breeder pebble bed: The effect of surface corrosion
  Mukai, Keisuke; Kenjo, Shunsuke; Iwamatsu, Naoto; Mahmoud, Bakr; Chikada, Takumi; Yagi, Juro; Konishi, Satoshi (2022-01)
  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47(9): 6154-6163
Employing of ZrCo as a fuel source in a discharge-type fusion neutron source operated in self-sufficient mode
  Kenjo, Shunsuke; Ogino, Yasuyuki; Mukai, Keisuke; Bakr, Mahmoud; Yagi, Juro; Konishi, Satoshi (2022-01)
  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 47(5): 3054-3062
Augmentation of an Engineered Bacterial Strain Potentially Improves the Cleanup of PCB Water Pollution
  Hara, Tomijiro; Takatsuka, Yumiko; Nakata, Eiji; Morii, Takashi (2021-12)
  Microbiology Spectrum, 9(3)
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Role of pre-ionization in NBI plasma start-up of Heliotron J using non-resonant microwave heating
  Kobayashi, S.; Nagasaki, K.; Hada, K.; Stange, T.; Okada, H.; Minami, T.; Kado, S.; Ohshima, S.; Tokuhara, K.; Nakamura, Y.; Ishizawa, A.; Suzuki, Y.; Osakabe, M.; Murase, T.; Konoshima, S.; Mizuuchi, T. (2021-11)
  Nuclear Fusion, 61(11)
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Electrodeposition of mirror surface β-W films in molten CsF–CsCl–WO₃
  Meng, Xianduo; Norikawa, Yutaro; Nohira, Toshiyuki (2021-11)
  Electrochemistry Communications, 132
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Thermodynamic Properties of Ni–Dy Intermetallic Compounds Measured Electrochemically in Molten CaCl₂–DyCl₃
  Hua, Hang; Yasuda, Kouji; Nohira, Toshiyuki (2021-10)
  Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 168(10)
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Probing the Dissolved Gas Concentration on the Electrode through Laser-Assisted Bubbles
  Ando, Kota; Uchimoto, Yoshiharu; Nakajima, Takashi (2021-09)
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125(39): 20952-20957
Stabilization and structural changes of 2D DNA origami by enzymatic ligation
  Rajendran, Arivazhagan; Krishnamurthy, Kirankumar; Giridasappa, Amulya; Nakata, Eiji; Morii, Takashi (2021-08)
  Nucleic Acids Research, 49(14): 7884-7900
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Electrochemical Formation of Nd-Fe Alloys in Molten LiF-CaF₂-NdF₃
  Kawaguchi, Kenji; Nohira, Toshiyuki (2021-08)
  Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 168(8)
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Theory of exciton thermal radiation in semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes
  Konabe, Satoru; Nishihara, Taishi; Miyauchi, Yuhei (2021-07)
  Optics Letters, 46(13): 3021-3024
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A facile combinatorial approach to construct a ratiometric fluorescent sensor: application for the real-time sensing of cellular pH changes.
  Nakata, Eiji; Hirose, Hisaaki; Gerelbaatar, Khongorzul; Arafiles, Jan Vincent V.; Zhang, Zhengxiao; Futaki, Shiroh; Morii, Takashi (2021-06)
  Chemical Science, 12(23): 8231-8240
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Evaluation of tritium production rate in a blanket mock-up using a compact fusion neutron source
  Mukai, Keisuke; Ogino, Yasuyuki; Kobayashi, Makoto I.; Bakr, Mahmoud; Yagi, Juro; Ogawa, Kunihiro; Isobe, Mitsutaka; Konishi, Satoshi (2021-04)
  Nuclear Fusion, 61(4)
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Charge–Discharge Performance of Copper Metal Positive Electrodes in Fluorohydrogenate Ionic Liquids for Fluoride-Shuttle Batteries
  Yamamoto, Takayuki; Matsumoto, Kazuhiko; Hagiwara, Rika; Nohira, Toshiyuki (2021-04)
  Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 168(4)
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Raman Analysis and Electrochemical Reduction of Silicate Ions in Molten NaCl–CaCl₂
  Ma, Yuanjia; Yamamoto, Takayuki; Yasuda, Kouji; Nohira, Toshiyuki (2021-04)
  Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 168(4)
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 241