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Brain activation during visual working memory correlates with behavioral mobility performance in older adults.
  Kawagoe, Toshikazu; Suzuki, Maki; Nishiguchi, Shu; Abe, Nobuhito; Otsuka, Yuki; Nakai, Ryusuke; Yamada, Minoru; Yoshikawa, Sakiko; Sekiyama, Kaoru (2015-09-29)
  Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 7
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Neural correlates of working memory maintenance in advanced aging: Evidence from fMRI
  Suzuki, Maki; Kawagoe, Toshikazu; Nishiguchi, Shu; Abe, Nobuhito; Otsuka, Yuki; Nakai, Ryusuke; Asano, Kohei; Yamada, Minoru; Yoshikawa, Sakiko; Sekiyama Kaoru (2018-11-6)
  Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, 10
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Neural representations of the committed romantic partner in the nucleus accumbens
  Ueda, Ryuhei; Abe, Nobuhito (2021-12)
  Psychological Science, 32(12): 1884-1895
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Reduced engagement of the anterior cingulate cortex in the dishonest decision-making of incarcerated psychopaths
  Abe, Nobuhito; Greene, Joshua D; Kiehl, Kent A (2018-09-05)
  Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 13(8): 797-807
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Overriding a moral default for honesty or dishonesty
  Abe, Nobuhito (2020-09-08)
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117(36): 21844-21846
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Effects of sequential winning vs. losing on subsequent gambling behavior: analysis of empirical data from casino baccarat players
  Abe, Nobuhito; Nakai, Ryusuke; Yanagisawa, Kuniaki; Murai, Toshiya; Yoshikawa, Sakiko (2021)
  International Gambling Studies, 21(1): 103-118
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Are implicit attitudes toward dishonesty associated with self-serving dishonesty? Implications for the reliability of the IAT
  Hatta, Hirokazu; Ueda, Ryuhei; Ashida, Hiroshi; Abe, Nobuhito (2022-05)
  Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 100
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