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Negative correlation between altitudes and oxygen isotope ratios of seeds: exploring its applicability to assess vertical seed dispersal
  Naoe, Shoji, Tayasu, Ichiro, Masaki, Takashi, Koike, Shinsuke (2016-10)
  Ecology and Evolution, 6(19): 6817-6823
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Homogeneous diet of contemporary Japanese inferred from stable isotope ratios of hair
  Kusaka, Soichiro, Ishimaru, Eriko, Hyodo, Fujio, Gakuhari, Takashi, Yoneda, Minoru, Yumoto, Takakazu, Tayasu, Ichiro (2016-09-12)
  Scientific reports, 6
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New organic reference materials for carbon- and nitrogen-stable isotope ratio measurements provided by Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University, and Institute of Biogeosciences, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
  Tayasu, Ichiro, Hirasawa, Riyo, Ogawa, Nanako O., Ohkouchi, Naohiko, Yamada, Keita (2011-12)
  Limnology, 12(3): 261-266
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Stable nitrogen isotopic composition of amino acids reveals food web structure in stream ecosystems
  Ishikawa, Naoto F, Kato, Yoshikazu, Togashi, Hiroyuki, Yoshimura, Mayumi, Yoshimizu, Chikage, Okuda, Noboru, Tayasu, Ichiro (2014-07)
  Oecologia, 175(3): 911-922
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A new application of radiocarbon (14C) concentrations to stream food web analysis
  Ishikawa, Naoto F., Uchida, Masao, Shibata, Yasuyuki, Tayasu, Ichiro (2010-04)
  Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 268(7-8): 1175-1178
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Seasonal and site-specific variability in terrigenous particulate organic carbon concentration in near-shore waters of Lake Biwa, Japan
  Sakai, Yoichiro, Karube, Zin’ichi, Takeyama, Tomohiro, Kohzu, Ayato, Yoshimizu, Chikage, Nagata, Toshi, Tayasu, Ichiro, Okuda, Noboru (2013-04)
  Limnology, 14(2): 167-177
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Contributions of detrital subsidies to aboveground spiders during secondary succession, revealed by radiocarbon and stable isotope signatures
  Haraguchi, Takashi F, Uchida, Masao, Shibata, Yasuyuki, Tayasu, Ichiro (2013-04)
  Oecologia, 171(4): 935-944
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Integrated trophic position decreases in more diverse communities of stream food webs
  Ishikawa, Naoto F., Chikaraishi, Yoshito, Ohkouchi, Naohiko, Murakami, Aya R., Tayasu, Ichiro, Togashi, Hiroyuki, Okano, Jun-ichi, Sakai, Yoichiro, Iwata, Tomoya, Kondoh, Michio, Okuda, Noboru (2017-05-18)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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