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A continuous-time search model with job switch and jumps
  Egami, Masahiko, Xu, Mingxin (2009-10)
  Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 70(2): 241-267
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[書評]デレック・H・オルドクロフト著 玉木俊明・塩谷昌史訳 『20世紀のヨーロッパ経済--1914~2000年』
  黒澤, 隆文 (2003-07)
  比較経済体制研究, 10: 147-152
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History-Oriented Economics in Kyoto
  Yagi, Kiichiro (2004)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 73(1): 11-22
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Kyoto School of Modern Economic Theory
  Negishi, Takashi (2004)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 73(1): 1-10
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Treatment of Hawks and Doves
  Tachibanaki, Toshiaki, Takeuchi, Tomohiko (2004)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 73(1): 29-39
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Kyoto University Economic Review, 1926-2003
  Economic Research Office (2004)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 73(1): 23-27
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Foreign Aid and Economic Development: Tanzania's Experience with ODA
  Rotarou, Elena, Ueta, Kazuhiro (2009-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 78(2): 157-189
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Studying The Dialectics between and within Management Credo and Management Accounting
  Sawabe, Norio, Ushio, Sumitaka (2009-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 78(2): 127-156
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Fragmented Society and Provision of Meeting Places to Foster Social Preferences
  Yonezaki, Katsuhiko, Imai, Haruo (2009-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 78(2): 115-126
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Is Learning by Migrating to a Megalopolis Really Important? Evidence from Thailand
  Machikita, Tomohiro (2006-06)
  The Kyoto economic review, 75(1): 35-61
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