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First fossil occurrence of a filefish (Tetraodontiformes; Monacanthidae) in Asia, from the Middle Miocene in Nagano Prefecture, central Japan
  Miyajima, Yusuke, Koike, Hakuichi, Matsuoka, Hiroshige (2014-04-10)
  Zootaxa, 3786(3): 382-400
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Evaluating the effect of Japan's 2004 postgraduate training programme on the spatial distribution of physicians
  Sakai, Rie, Tamura, Hiroshi, Goto, Rei, Kawachi, Ichiro (2015-01-24)
  Human resources for health, 13
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Common impairments of emotional facial expression recognition in schizophrenia across French and Japanese cultures
  Okada, Takashi, Kubota, Yasutaka, Sato, Wataru, Murai, Toshiya, Pellion, Fréderic, Gorog, Françoise (2015-01-01)
  Frontiers in Psychology, 6
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Nematomorph parasites drive energy flow through a riparian ecosystem
  Sato, Takuya, Watanabe, Katsutoshi, Kanaiwa, Minoru, Niizuma, Yasuaki, Harada, Yasushi, Lafferty, Kevin D. (2011-01)
  Ecology, 92(1): 201-207
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  酒德, 治三郎, 桐山, 啻夫, 柏木, 崇, 小宮, 俊秀, 大北, 純三, 多嘉良, 稔, 田尻, 葵矩夫, 小金丸, 恒夫, 広中, 弘, 福田, 和男, 佐長, 俊昭, 本永, 逸哉, 市川, 哲也 (1969-10)
  泌尿器科紀要, 15(10): 707-713
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  北山, 太一, 中川, 清秀 (1969-07)
  泌尿器科紀要, 15(7): 514-521
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  田村, 峯雄, 前川, 正信, 新, 武三, 河西, 宏信, 甲野, 三郎, 結城, 清之, 辻田, 正昭, 井上, 堯司, 平林, 国男, 中西, 純造, 早原, 信行, 大道, 彰, 山口, 武津雄, 村上, 憲一郎 (1969-03)
  泌尿器科紀要, 15(3): 206-217
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東札幌三樹会病院における臨床統計 (第4報) 開設より5ヵ年間余の入院および手術統計
  坂, 丈敏, 中島, 久雄, 大西, 茂樹, 加藤, 修爾, 丹田, 均 (1985-10)
  泌尿器科紀要, 31(10): 1751-1759
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Strontium isotope analysis to reveal migration in relation to climate change and ritual tooth ablation of Jomon skeletal remains from western Japan
  Kusaka, Soichiro, Nakano, Takanori, Morita, Wataru, Nakatsukasa, Masato (2012-12)
  Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 31(4): 551-563
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Managing surface water contamination in Nagoya, Japan: An integrated water basin management decision framework
  Hartmann, J, Levy, JK, Okada, N (2006)