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Excitation mechanism of atmospheric pressure waves from the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption
  Mikumo, Takeshi, Bolt, Bruce A. (1985-05)
  Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 81(2): 445-461
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Numerical modelling of space and time variations of seismic activity before major earthquakes
  Mikumo, Takeshi, Miyatake, Takashi (1983-05)
  Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 74(2): 559-583
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Tectonics of the Kyushu-Ryukyu arc as evidenced from seismicity and focal mechanism of shallow to intermediate-depth earthquakes
  Shiono, Kiyoji, Mikumo, Takeshi, Ishikawa, Yuzo (1980)
  Journal of Physics of Earth, 28(1): 17-43
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Source mechanisms of subcrustal and upper mantle earthquakes around the northeastern Kyushu region, southwestern Japan, and their tectonic implications
  Imagawa, Kazuhiko, Hirahara, Kazuro, Mikumo, Takeshi (1985)
  Journal of Physics of Earth, 33(3): 257-277
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A possible rupture process of slow earthquakes on a frictional fault
  Mikumo, Takeshi (1981-04)
  Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society, 65(1): 129-153
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Analytical and semi-empirical synthesis of near-field seismic waveforms for investigating the rupture mechanism of major earthquakes
  Imagawa, Kazuhiko, Mikami, Naoya, Mikumo, Takeshi (1984)
  Journal of Physics of Earth, 32(4): 317-338
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飛騨地方北部の地震活動, 地震メカニズム及びテクトニクス
  三雲, 健, 小泉, 誠, 和田, 博夫 (1985)
  地震 第2輯, 38(1): 25-40
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  羽田, 正 (1984-03-31)
  東洋史研究, 42(4): 733-739
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<批評・紹介>大庭脩著 秦漢法制史の研究
  堀, 毅 (1983-12-31)
  東洋史研究, 42(3): 511-517
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  気賀澤, 保規 (1983-12-31)
  東洋史研究, 42(3): 537-538
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