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Essence of Multilateral Energy Technology Collaboration: A Case Study of International Energy Agency (IEA)Technology Collaboration Prograrnrnes (TCPs)
  Hattori, Takashi; Nam, Hoseok (2020-03)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1023: 1-41
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Bank Survival in Central and Eastern Europe
  Kočenda, Evžen; Iwasaki, Ichiro (2020-03)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1022: 1-23
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Recurrent Preemption Games
  Matsushima, Hitoshi (2020-02-13)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1020: 1-23
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A Ranking over "More Risk Averse Than" Relations and its Applicaion to the Smooh Ambiguity Model
  Hara, Chiaki (2020-01-30)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1019: 1-28
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Can child allowances improve fertility in a gender
  WANG, Ruiting (2020-02-14)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1021: 1-27
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The Impacts of Organizational Culture on Knowledge Transfer Between Japanese Managers and Vietnamese Employees in Japanese Enterprises
  Mizobata, Satoshi; Nguyen, Thi Ngoc Anh; Pham, Quoc Trung (2020-04)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1030: 1-22
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Impact of Multinational Enterprises on Competition, Productivity and Trade Spillovers across European Firms
  Hanousek, Jan; Kočenda, Evžen; Vozárová, Pavla (2020-04)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1028: 1-44
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Mechanism Design with Blockchain Enforcement
  Matsushima, Hitoshi; Noda, Shunya (2020-03)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1027: 1-44
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Distressed Acquisitions Evidence from European Emerging Markets
  Iwasaki, Ichiro; Kočenda, Evžen; Shida, Yoshisada (2020-05)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1031: 1-25
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On the Non-Existence of a Zero-Tax Steady State with Incomplete Asset Markets
  Nakajima, Tomoyuki; Takahashi, Shuhei (2020-03-02)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 1025: 1-21
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