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Title: Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces 2010
Authors: Hunt, J.
Belcher, S.
Stretch, D.
Sajjadi, S.
Clegg, J.
Kitaigorodskii, S.A.
Toba, Y.
Turney, D.
Banerjee, S.
Janzen, J.G.
Schulz, H.E.
Handa, K.
Shimada, S.
Akiya, Y.
Beya, J.
Peirson, W.
Banner, M.
Nezu, I.
Mizuno, S.
Sanjou, M.
Garbe, C.S.
Tejada-Martínez, A.E.
Toda, A.
Takehara, K.
Takano, Y.
Etoh, T.G.
Caulliez, G.
Hung, L.-P.
Tsai, W.-T.
Akan, C.
Khatiwala, S.
Grosch, C.E.
Jayathilake, P.G.
Khoo, B.C.
Rocholz, R.
Tan, Z.
Nicholson, D.P.
Leifer, I.
Cheong, K.B.
Emerson, S.R.
Hamme, R.C.
Mischler, W.
Simões, A.L.A.
Jähne, B.
Patro, R.
Loh, K.
Uittenbogaard, R.
Jeong, D.
Mori, N.
Nakagawa, S.
Soloviev, A.
Fujimura, A.
Gilman, M.
Hühnerfuss, H.
Monahan, E.C.
Edson, J.B.
Haus, B.
Savelyev, I.
Matt, S.
Donelan, M.
Rhee, S.H.
Vlahos, P.
Huebert, B.J.
Richter, K.E.
McNeil, C.L.
Yan, X.
Walker, J.W.
Zappa, C.J.
Ribas-Ribas, M.
McGillis, W.R.
Schimpf, U.
Rutgersson, A.
Sahlée, E.
Nagel, L.
Orton, P.M.
D'Asaro, E.A.
Nystuen, J.A.
Gómez-Parra, A.
Forja, J.M.
Smedman, A.-S.
Pettersson, H.
Kahma, K.K.
Perttilä, M.
Park, G.-H.
Chelton, D. B.
Bell, T.G.
Risien, C.M.
Kondo, F.
Suzuki, N.
Gonzalez, B.C.G.
Suzuki, Y.
Wanninkhof, R.
Johnson, M.T.
Campos, J.R.
Liss, P.S.
Tsukamoto, O.
Wanner, S.
Lamon, A.W.
Hughes, C.
Drennan, W.M.
Kiefhaber, D.
Balschbach, G.
Abe, A.
Heinlein, A.
Lee, G.A.
Jirka, G.H.
Kurose, R.
Waite, C.
Onesemo, P.
Ninaus, G.
Choi, Y.J.
Takahashi, K.
Baba, Y.
Komori, S.
Ohtsubo, S.
Takagaki, N.
Iwano, K.
Issue Date: 4-Jul-2011
Publisher: Kyoto University Press
Table of contents: Preface
Section 1: Interfacial Turbulence and Air-Water Scalar Transfer
Turbulence and wave dynamics across gas-liquid interfaces
J. Hunt, S. Belcher, D. Stretch, S. Sajjadi, J. Clegg [1]
The calculation of the gas transfer between the ocean and atmosphere
S.A. Kitaigorodskii [13]
The influence of wind wave breaking on the dissipation of the turbulent kinetic energy in the upper ocean and its dependence on the stage of wind wave development
S.A. Kitaigorodskii [29]
Marvellous self-consistency inherent in wind waves : Its origin and some items related to air-sea transfers
Y. Toba [38]
Near surface turbulence and its relationship to air-water gas transfer rates
The 2009 SOPRAN active thermography pilot experiment in the Baltic Sea
U.Schimpf, L. Nagel, B. Jähne [358]
Observations of air-sea exchange of N2 and O2 during the passage of Hurricane Gustav in the Gulf of Mexico during 2008
C.L. McNeil, E.A. D'Asaro, J.A. Nystuen [368]
The effect of high wind Bora events on water pCO2 and CO2 exchange in the coastal Northern Adriatic
D. Turk, B. Petelin, J.W. Book [377]
Seasonal sea-surface CO2 fugacity in the north-eastern shelf of the Gulf of Cádiz (southwest Iberian Peninsula)
M. Ribas-Ribas, A. Gómez-Parra, J.M. Forja [394]
Including mixed layer convection when determining air-sea CO2 transfer velocity
A. Rutgersson, A.-S. Smedman, E. Sahlée [406]
Air-sea carbon dioxide exchange during upwelling
H. Pettersson, K. K. Kahma, A. Rutgersson, M. Perttilä [420]
Section 6: Global Air-Sea CO2 Fluxes
Impact of small-scale variability on air-sea CO2 fluxes
R. Wanninkhof, G.-H. Park, D.B. Chelton, C.M. Risien [431]
The effect of wind variability on the air-sea CO2 gas flux estimation
N. Suzuki, S. Komori, M.A. Donelan [445]
Future global mapping of air-sea CO2 flux by using wind and wind-wave distribution of CMIP3 multi-model ensemble
Y. Suzuki, Y. Toba [452]
A Rumsfeldian analysis of uncertainty in air-sea gas exchange
M.T. Johnson, C. Hughes, T.G. Bell, P.S. Liss [464]
Section 7: Advanced Measuring Techniques
Accurate measurement of air-sea CO2 flux with open-path Eddy-Covariance
O. Tsukamoto, F. Kondo [485]
Combined Visualization of wind waves and water surface temperature
R. Rocholz, S. Wanner, U. Schimpf, B. Jähne [496]
Microscopic sensors for oxygen measurement at air-water interfaces and sediment biofilms
B.C.G. Gonzalez, A.W. Lamon, J.G. Janzen, J.R. Campos, H.E. Schulz [507]
Damping of humidity fluctuations in a closed-path system
E. Sahlée, K. Kahma, H. Pettersson, W.M. Drennan [516]
Improved Optical Instrument for the Measurement of Water Wave Statistics in the Field
D. Kiefhaber, R. Rocholz, G. Balschbach, B. Jähne [524]
Friction Velocity from Active Thermography and Shape Analysis
C.S. Garbe, A. Heinlein [535]
Section 8: Environmental Problems Related to Air-Water Scalar Transfer
Evaporation mitigation by storage in rock and sand
W.L. Peirson, G.A. Lee, C. Waite, P. Onesemo, G. Ninaus [545]
Development of oil-spill simulation system based on the global ocean-atmosphere model
Y.J. Choi, A. Abe, K. Takahashi [559]
Structure variation dependence of tropical squall line on the tracer advection scheme in cloud-resolving model
Y. Baba, K. Takahashi [571]
High-resolution simulations for turbulent clouds developing over the oce
R. Onishi, K. Takahashi, S. Komori [582]
Author Index
D. Turney, S. Banerjee [51]
Turbulent gas flux measurements near the air-water interface in an oscillating-grid tank
J.G. Janzen, H.E. Schulz, G.H. Jirka [65]
Sensible and latent heat transfer across the air-water interface in wind-driven turbulence
S. Komori, R. Kurose, N. Takagaki, S. Ohtsubo, K. Iwano, K. Handa, S. Shimada [78]
Rainfall-generated, near-surface turbulence
J. Beya, W. Peirson, M. Banner [90]
Effects of the mechanical wave propagating in the wind direction on currents and stresses across the air-water interface
S. Mizuno [104]
Turbulent transport in closed basin with wind-induced water waves
M. Sanjou, I. Nezu, A. Toda [119]
PIV measurements of Langumuir circulation generated by wind-induced water waves
M. Sanjou, I. Nezu, Y. Akiya [129]
Study of vortices near wind wave surfaces using high-speed video camera and MLS
K. Takehara, Y. Takano, T.G. Etoh [138]
Wind wave breaking from micro to macroscale
G. Caulliez [151]
Section 2: Numerical Studies on Interfacial Turbulence and Scalar Transfer
Validation of Eddy-renewal model by numerical simulation
L.-P. Hung, C.S. Garbe, W.-T. Tsai [165]
Mass transfer at the surface in LES of wind-driven shallow water flow with Langmuir circulation
A. E. Tejada-Martínez, C. Akan, C.E. Grosch [177]
Characteristics of gas-flux density distribution at the water surfaces
W.-T. Tsai, L.-P. Hung [193]
Numerical simulation of interfacial mass transfer using the immersed interface method
P.G. Jayathilake, B.C. Khoo, Zhijun Tan [200]
Statistical approximations in gas-liquid mass transfer
H.E. Schulz, A.L.A. Simões, J.G. Janzen [208]
Section 3: Bubble-Mediated Scalar Transfer
An inverse approach to estimate bubble-mediated air-sea gas flux from inert gas measurements
D.P. Nicholson, S.R. Emerson, S. Khatiwala, R.C. Hamme [223]
Experimental setup for the investigation of bubble mediated gas exchange
W. Mischler, R. Rocholz, B. Jähne [238]
Gas transfer velocity of single CO2 bubbles
R. Patro, I. Leifer [249]
Mass transfer across single bubbles
K. Loh, K.B. Cheong, R. Uittenbogaard [262]
Aeration of surf zone breaking waves
N. Mori, S. Nakagawa [273]
Section 4: Effects of Surfactants and Molecular Diffusivity on Turbulence and Scalar Transfer
Modification of turbulence at the air-sea interface due to the presence of surfactants and implications for gas exchange. Part I: laboratory experiment
A. Soloviev, S. Matt, M. Gilman, H. Hühnerfuss, B. Haus, D. Jeong, I. Savelyev, M. Donelan [285]
Modification of turbulence at the air-sea interface due to the presence of surfactants and implications for gas exchange. Part II: numerical simulations
S. Matt, A. Fujimura, A. Soloviev, S.H. Rhee [299]
Wind-dependence of DMS transfer velocity: Comparison of model with recent southern ocean observations
P. Vlahos, E.C. Monahan, B.J.Huebert, J.B. Edson [313]
A laboratory study of the Schmidt number dependency of air-water gas transfer
K.E. Richter, B. Jähne [322]
On transitions in the Schmidt number dependency of low solubility gas transfer across air-water interfaces
X. Yan, W.L. Peirson, J.W. Walker, M.L. Banner [333]
Section 5: Field Measurements
An autonomous self-orienting catamaran (SOCa) for measuring air-water fluxes and forcing
P.M. Orton, C.J. Zappa, W.R. McGillis [343]
Rights: Copyright (C) S. Komori, W. McGillis, R. Kurose, Kyoto University Press 2011
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Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces 2010

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