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Assessing Africa-Wide Pangolin Exploitation by Scaling Local Data
  Ingram, Daniel J., Coad, Lauren, Abernethy, Katharine A., Maisels, Fiona, Stokes, Emma J., Bobo, Kadiri S., Breuer, Thomas, Gandiwa, Edson, Ghiurghi, Andrea, Greengrass, Elizabeth, Holmern, Tomas, Kamgaing, Towa O. W., Ndong Obiang, Anne-Marie, Poulsen, John R., Schleicher, Judith, Nielsen, Martin R., Solly, Hilary, Vath, Carrie L., Waltert, Matthias, Whitham, Charlotte E. L., Wilkie, David S., Scharlemann, Jӧrn P.W. (2018-04-15)
  Conservation Letters, 11(2)
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Polymorphisms associated with a tropical climate and root crop diet induce susceptibility to metabolic and cardiovascular diseases in Solomon Islands
  Furusawa, Takuro, Naka, Izumi, Yamauchi, Taro, Natsuhara, Kazumi, Eddie, Ricky, Kimura, Ryosuke, Nakazawa, Minato, Ishida, Takafumi, Ohtsuka, Ryutaro, Ohashi, Jun (2017-03-02)
  PLOS ONE, 12(3): e0172676
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Differences between Pygmy and Non-Pygmy Hunting in Congo Basin Forests
  Fa, John E., Olivero, Jesús, Farfán, Miguel Angel, Lewis, Jerome, Yasuoka, Hirokazu, Noss, Andrew, Hattori, Shiho, Hirai, Masaaki, Kamgaing, Towa O. W., Carpaneto, Giuseppe, Germi, Francesco, Márquez, Ana Luz, Duarte, Jesús, Duda, Romain, Gallois, Sandrine, Riddell, Michael, Nasi, Robert (2016-09-02)
  PLOS ONE, 11(9)
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The Transition Away from Swidden Agriculture and Trends in Biomass Accumulation in Fallow Forests: Case Studies in the Southern Chin Hills of Myanmar
  Chan, Nyein, Takeda, Shinya (2016-08)
  Mountain Research and Development, 36(3): 320-331
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A century of trends in adult human height
  NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC) (2016-07-26)
  elife, 5: e13410
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The communication of culturally dominant modes of attention from parents to children: A comparison of Canadian and Japanese parent-child conversations during a joint scene description task
  Senzaki, Sawa, Masuda, Takahiko, Takada, Akira, Okada, Hiroyuki (2016-01-29)
  PLOS ONE, 11(1)
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Relative importance of perch and facilitative effects on nucleation in tropical woodland in Malawi
  Fujita, Tomohiro (2016-01)
  Acta Oecologica, 70: 45-52
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Processing insect abundance: Trading and fishing of zazamushi in Central Japan (Nagano Prefecture, Honshū Island)
  Césard, Nicolas, Komatsu, Seiji, Iwata, Akihisa (2015-11-11)
  Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 11
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Considering the practical rationality of experimental operation in developing countries: Reality and challenges under a rigid community forestry system in Cambodia
  Kurashima, Takayuki, Matsuura, Toshiya, Miyamoto, Asako, Sano, Makoto, Chann, Sophal (2015-09-07)
  Forests, 6(9): 3087-3108
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Engaging scientists: An online survey exploring the experience of innovative biotechnological approaches to controlling vector-borne diseases
  Boëte, Christophe, Beisel, Uli, Reis Castro, Luísa, Césard, Nicolas, Reeves, R. Guy (2015-08-10)
  Parasites and Vectors, 8
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The changing role of a Vaidya (non-codified traditional doctor) in the community health of Kerala, Southern India: comparison of treatment-seeking behaviours between the Vaidya's patients and community members
  Matsuoka, Sachi (2015-07-10)
  Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, 11: 57
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Object transfer in request–accept sequence in Japanese caregiver–child interactions
  Takada, Akira, Endo, Tomoko (2015-06)
  Journal of Pragmatics, 82: 52-66
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Interaction between forest biodiversity and people's use of forest resources in Roviana, Solomon Islands: implications for biocultural conservation under socioeconomic changes
  Furusawa, Takuro, Sirikolo, Myknee Qusa, Sasaoka, Masatoshi, Ohtsuka, Ryutaro (2014)
  Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, 10
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Wild Edible Herbs in Paddy Fields and Their Sale in a Mixture in Houaphan Province, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  Kosaka, Yasuyuki, Xayvongsa, Lamphoune, Vilayphone, Anoulom, Chanthavong, Houngphet, Takeda, Shinya, Kato, Makoto (2013-12)
  Economic Botany, 67(4): 335-349
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Generating morality in directive sequences: Distinctive strategies for developing communicative competence in Japanese caregiver–child interactions
  Takada, Akira (2013-10)
  Language & Communication, 33(4, Part A): 420-438
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What makes wild chimpanzees wake up at night?
  Zamma, Koichiro (2013-07-02)
  Primates; journal of primatology, 55(1): 51-57
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Vegetation succession on Mt. Kenya in relation to glacial fluctuation and global warming
  Mizuno, Kazuharu, Fujita, Tomohiro (2013-04-19)
  Journal of Vegetation Science, 25(2): 559-570
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17