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Induction of Potent Antitumor Immunity by Sustained Release of Cationic Antigen from a DNA-Based Hydrogel with Adjuvant Activity
  Umeki, Yuka, Mohri, Kohta, Kawasaki, Yohji, Watanabe, Hiroshi, Takahashi, Rei, Takahashi, Yuki, Takakura, Yoshinobu, Nishikawa, Makiya (2015-09)
  Advanced Functional Materials, 25(36): 5758-5767
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Biodegradable CpG DNA hydrogels for sustained delivery of doxorubicin and immunostimulatory signals in tumor-bearing mice
  Nishikawa, Makiya, Mizuno, Yumiko, Mohri, Kohta, Matsuoka, Nao, Rattanakiat, Sakulrat, Takahashi, Yuki, Funabashi, Hisakage, Luo, Dan, Takakura, Yoshinobu (2010-10-05)
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Optimal Arrangement of Four Short DNA Strands for Delivery of Immunostimulatory Nucleic Acids to Immune Cells
  Ohtsuki, Shozo, Matsuzaki, Noriyuki, Mohri, Kohta, Endo, Masayuki, Emura, Tomoko, Hidaka, Kumi, Sugiyama, Hiroshi, Takahashi, Yuki, Ishiyama, Kenichi, Kadowaki, Norimitsu, Takakura, Yoshinobu, Nishikawa, Makiya (2015-09-17)
  Nucleic acid therapeutics, 25(5): 245-253
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DNA nanotechnology-based development of delivery systems for bioactive compounds
  Mohri, Kohta, Nishikawa, Makiya, Takahashi, Yuki, Takakura, Yoshinobu (2014-07-16)
  European journal of pharmaceutical sciences : official journal of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, 58: 26-33
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Efficient delivery of immunostimulatory DNA to mouse and human immune cells through the construction of polypod-like structured DNA
  Uno, Shota, Nishikawa, Makiya, Mohri, Kohta, Umeki, Yuka, Matsuzaki, Noriyuki, Takahashi, Yuki, Fujita, Haruyuki, Kadowaki, Norimitsu, Takakura, Yoshinobu (2014-05)
  Nanomedicine, 10(4): 765-774
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Injectable, self-gelling, biodegradable, and immunomodulatory DNA hydrogel for antigen delivery
  Nishikawa, Makiya, Ogawa, Kohei, Umeki, Yuka, Mohri, Kohta, Kawasaki, Yohji, Watanabe, Hiroshi, Takahashi, Natsuki, Kusuki, Eri, Takahashi, Rei, Takahashi, Yuki, Takakura, Yoshinobu (2014-04-28)
  Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 180: 25-32
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