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A Croquis for the New Project: The Strategraphy of Capitalism: Capture-Devices of Capital
  Nagahara, Yutaka (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 49-79
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Waking Up from May '68 and the Repressive Hangover : Stages of Critique Past Althusser and Foucault
  Harcourt, Bernard E. (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 13-32
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Truth and Consequences: Political Judgment and Historical Knowledge in Foucault and Althusser
  Peden, Knox (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 33-47
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Pouvoir-savoir et/ou appareils d'État : l'après-Mai 68 de Foucault et d'Althusser
  Ichida, Yoshihiko (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 3-12
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  The Editorial Committee of ZINBUN (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 1-1
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<Varia>Logik der Geisteswissenschaften aufgrund der lebensweltlichen Subjektivitat
  Hirano, Tetsushi (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 195-214
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<Varia>In Pursuit of Peace: Zhou Gengsheng's Internationalism after the World Wars
  Morikawa, Hiroki (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 177-194
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Institute for Research in Humanities, Staff and Research Seminars
  ZINBUN, 47: 223-235
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<Book Reviews> « Chers tous deux ». Lettres a ses parents (1931-1942) (Emmanuel Delille)
  Levi-Strauss, Claude (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 218-221
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<Book Reviews> L'Age d'homme, precede de L'Afrique fantome (Emmanuel Delille)
  Leiris, Michel (2017-03)
  ZINBUN, 47: 215-217
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