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Time-resolved detection of structural change in polyethylene films using mid-infrared laser pulses
  Ageev, Eduard, Mizobata, Keisuke, Nakajima, Takashi, Zen, Heishun, Kii, Toshiteru, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2015-07-29)
  Applied Physics Letters, 107(4)
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Coherent population trapping in negatively charged self-assembled quantum dots using a train of femtosecond pulses
  Kumar, Parvendra, Nakajima, Takashi (2015-02)
  Physical Review A, 91(2)
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Observation of number-density-dependent growth of plasmonic nanobubbles
  Nakajima, Takashi, Wang, Xiaolong, Chatterjee, Souvik, Sakka, Tetsuo (2016-06-29)
  Scientific reports, 6
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Reconstruction of attosecond pulses using two-color pumping
  Chen, Jun, Itakura, Ryuji, Nakajima, Takashi (2011)
  Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 28(9): 2195-2199
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A scheme to polarize nuclear-spin of atoms by a sequence of short laser pulses: application to the muonium
  Nakajima, Takashi (2010)
  Optics Express, 18(26): 27468-27480
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Manipulation of resonant Auger processes using a strong bichromatic field
  Chatterjee, Souvik, Nakajima, Takashi (2015-04-21)
  Physical Review A, 91(4)
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Intense Bessel femtosecond pulse propagation in dispersive Kerr medium
  Song, Zhenming, Nakajima, Takashi (2011-06-29)
  Chinese Optics Letters, 9(s1)
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Generation of tunable narrowband laser pulses in the ultraviolet with a pulsed dye amplifier seeded by a near-infrared diode laser
  Wang, Xiaolong, Kobayashi, Tohru, Matsuo, Yukari, Nakajima, Takashi (2014-08)
  Optics Communications, 324: 168-171
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Characterization of non-Gaussian mid-infrared free-electron laser beams by the knife-edge method
  Qin, Yu, Nakajima, Takashi, Zen, Heishun, Wang, Xiaolong, Kii, Toshiteru, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2014-09)
  Infrared Physics & Technology, 66: 146-151
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Propagation of two short laser pulse trains in a Λ-type three-level medium under conditions of electromagnetically induced transparency
  Buica, Gabriela, Nakajima, Takashi (2014-12)
  Optics Communications, 332: 59-69
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