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A framework to foster analysis skill for self-directed activities in data-rich environment
  Yang, Yuanyuan; Majumdar, Rwitajit; Li, Huiyong; Akçapinar, Gökhan; Flanagan, Brendan; Ogata, Hiroaki (2021)
  Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 16
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Learning analytics of humanities course: reader profiles in critical reading activity
  Majumdar, Rwitajit; Bakilapadavu, Geetha; Majumder, Reek; Chen, Mei-Rong Alice; Flanagan, Brendan; Ogata, Hiroaki (2021)
  Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 16
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A Multi-model SVR Approach to Estimating the CEFR Proficiency Level of Grammar Item Features
  Flanagan, Brendan; Hirokawa, Sachio; Kaneko, Emiko; Izumi, Emi; Ogata, Hiroaki (2017-07)
  2017 6th IIAI International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI-AAI): 521-526
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Vocabulary Learning Support System based on Automatic Image Captioning Technology
  Hasnine, Mohammad Nehal; Flanagan, Brendan; Akcapinar, Gokhan; Ogata, Hiroaki; Mouri, Kousuke; Uosaki, Noriko (2019)
  Distributed, Ambient and Pervasive Interactions (LNCS, volume 11587): 346-358
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A Platform for Image Recommendation in Foreign Word Learning
  Hasnine, Mohammad Nehal; Flanagan, Brendan; Ishikawa, Masatoshi; Ogata, Hiroaki; Mouri, Kousuke; Kaneko, Keiichi (2019-03)
  Companion Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK'19): 187-188
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Fine Grain Synthetic Educational Data: Challenges and Limitations of Collaborative Learning Analytics
  Flanagan, Brendan; Majumdar, Rwitajit; Ogata, Hiroaki (2022)
  IEEE Access, 10: 26230-26241
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Early-warning prediction of student performance and engagement in open book assessment by reading behavior analysis
  Flanagan, Brendan; Majumdar, Rwitajit; Ogata, Hiroaki (2022)
  International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 19
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Adaptive formative assessment system based on computerized adaptive testing and the learning memory cycle for personalized learning
  Yang, Albert C.M.; Flanagan, Brendan; Ogata, Hiroaki (2022)
  Computers and Education: Artificial Intelligence, 3
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Version Control for The Continuity of Learning Footprints Across Versions within E-Book Reader
  Yang, Ching-Yuan; Flanagan, Brendan; Ogata, Hiroaki (2018-03-13)
  IPSJ Technical Report, 2018-CLE-24(1): 1-7
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Learning what students want to learn
  Abou-Khalil, Victoria; Flanagan, Brendan; Ogata, Hiroaki (2018-03-21)
  IPSJ SIG Technical Reports, 2018-CLE-24(13): 1-6
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