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Estimating historical PM₂.₅ exposures for three decades (1987–2016) in Japan using measurements of associated air pollutants and land use regression
  Araki, Shin, Shima, Masayuki, Yamamoto, Kouhei (2020-8)
  Environmental Pollution, 263(Part A)
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In situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of the electrochemical reduction of SiO₂ in molten CaCl₂
  Katasho, Yumi, Norikawa, Yutaro, Yamamoto, Takayuki, Yasuda, Kouji, Nohira, Toshiyuki (2020-6)
  Electrochemistry Communications, 115
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The economic synergies of modelling the renewable energy-water nexus towards sustainability
  Ahmadi, Esmaeil, McLellan, Benjamin, Tezuka, Tetsuo (2020-12)
  Renewable Energy, 162: 1347-1366
TiO2-supported Ni-Sn as an effective hydrogenation catalyst for aqueous acetic acid to ethanol
  Zhao, Yuanyuan, Nishida, Takayuki, Minami, Eiji, Saka, Shiro, Kawamoto, Haruo (2020-11)
  Energy Reports, 6: 2249-2255
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Structural evaluation and protium-deuterium exchange in 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium halide-ethylene glycol mixtures
  Chen, Zhengfei, Tonouchi, Yuto, Matsumoto, Kazuhiko, Tsuzuki, Seiji, Nagata, Takashi, Katahira, Masato, Hagiwara, Rika (2020-11)
  Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 239
Crystal Plasticity Modeling for Non-ferrous Metals and its Engineering Applications
  HAMA, Takayuki (2020-09-15)
  ISIJ International, 90(9): 1849-1862
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Electrolytes toward High-Voltage Na3V2(PO4)2F3 Positive Electrode Durable against Temperature Variation
  Hwang, Jinkwang, Matsumoto, Kazuhiko, Hagiwara, Rika (2020-09-08)
  Advanced Energy Materials, 10(34)
Oxidative Dissolution of Tungsten Metal in Na₂CO₃ under Ar–O₂–CO₂ Atmosphere
  Yasuda, Kouji, Nozaki, Fumiyasu, Uehata, Ryotaro, Hagiwara, Rika (2020-09)
  Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 167(13)
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Global gyrokinetic nonlinear simulations of kinetic infernal modes in reversed shear tokamaks
  Ishida, Y., Ishizawa, A., Imadera, K., Kishimoto, Y., Nakamura, Y. (2020-09)
  Physics of Plasmas, 27(9)
Influence of plasma boundary shape on helical core/long-lived mode in tokamak plasmas
  Nakamura, Y., Ishizawa, A., Ishida, Y. (2020-09)
  Physics of Plasmas, 27(9)
A critical social perspective on deep sea mining: Lessons from the emergent industry in Japan
  Carver, R., Childs, J., Steinberg, P., Mabon, L., Matsuda, H., Squire, R., McLellan, B., Esteban, M. (2020-08-01)
  Ocean & Coastal Management, 193
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Fabrication and mechanical properties of tungsten carbide thin films via mist chemical vapor deposition
  Ikenoue, Takumi, Yoshida, Takuji, Miyake, Masao, Kasada, Ryuta, Hirato, Tetsuji (2020-07-05)
  Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 829
The Role of Renewable Energy Resources in Sustainability of Water Desalination as a Potential Fresh-Water Source: An Updated Review
  Ahmadi, Esmaeil, McLellan, Benjamin, Mohammadi-Ivatloo, Behnam, Tezuka, Tetsuo (2020-06-28)
  Sustainability, 12(13)
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Improving saccharide concentration by mixing octyl acetate during semi-flow, hot-compressed water treatment of woody biomass
  Minami, Eiji, Bito, Daiki, Kawamoto, Haruo, Saka, Shiro (2020-06-01)
  Biomass and Bioenergy, 137
The effect of close post injection on combustion characteristics and cooling loss reduction
  Bao, Zhichao, Kishigami, Ryo, Horibe, Naoto, Kawanabe, Hiroshi, Ishiyama, Takuji (2020-05-15)
  Fuel, 268(268)
Fluoride Ion Interactions in Alkali-Metal Fluoride-Diol Complexes
  Tonouchi, Yuto, Matsumoto, Kazuhiko, Nagata, Takashi, Katahira, Masato, Hagiwara, Rika (2020-05-04)
  Inorganic Chemistry, 59(9): 6631-6639
Time-Dependent Springback of Various Sheet Metals: An Experimental Study
  Hama, Takayuki, Suzuki, Tomotaka, Nakatsuji, Yuya, Sakai, Takeyuki, Takuda, Hirohiko (2020-05-01)
  Materials Transactions, 61(5): 941-947
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Two-photon selective excitation of phonon-mode in diamond using mid-infrared free-electron laser
  Sato, Oji, Yoshida, Kyohei, Zen, Heishun, Hachiya, Kan, Goto, Takuya, Sagawa, Takashi, Ohgaki, Hideaki (2020-04-09)
  Physics Letters A, 384(10)
  浜, 孝之 (2020-03-31)
  FORM TECH REVIEW, 29(1): 20-25
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Ionic liquid electrolyte for room to intermediate temperature operating Li metal batteries: Dendrite suppression and improved performance
  Hwang, Jinkwang, Okada, Haruki, Haraguchi, Ryutaro, Tawa, Shinya, Matsumoto, Kazuhiko, Hagiwara, Rika (2020-03-31)
  Journal of Power Sources, 453
List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 619