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Fabrication of TiAl3 coating on TiAl-based alloy by Al electrodeposition from dimethylsulfone bath and subsequent annealing
  Miyake, Masao, Tajikara, Seiya, Hirato, Tetsuji (2011-08)
  Surface and Coatings Technology, 205(21-22): 5141-5146
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Hull cell tests for evaluating the effects of polyethylene amines as brighteners in the electrodeposition of aluminum from dimethylsulfone-AlCl3 baths
  Miyake, Masao, Kubo, Yuki, Hirato, Tetsuji (2014-02)
  Electrochimica Acta, 120: 423-428
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Electrodeposition of Al-W alloy films in a 1-ethyl-3-methyl-imidazolium chloride-AlCl₃ ionic liquid containing W₆Cl₁₂
  Higashino, Shota, Miyake, Masao, Fujii, Hisashi, Takahashi, Ayumu, Hirato, Tetuji (2017)
  Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 164(4): D120-D125
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Evaluation of the hardness and Young's modulus of electrodeposited Al–W alloy films by nano-indentation
  Higashino, Shota, Miyake, Masao, Takahashi, Ayumu, Matamura, Yuya, Fujii, Hisashi, Kasada, Ryuta, Hirato, Tetsuji (2017-09-25)
  Surface and Coatings Technology, 325: 346-351
Electrodeposition of purified aluminum coatings from dimethylsulfone-AlCl₃ electrolytes with trimethylamine hydrochloride
  Miyake, Masao, Motonami, Hiroshi, Shiomi, Suguru, Hirato, Ttetsuji (2012-05-25)
  Surface and Coatings Technology, 206(19-20): 4225-4229
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Electrodeposition of Aluminum from 1,3-Dimethyl-2-Imidazolidinone/AlCl₃ baths
  Endo, Atsushi, Miyake, Masao, Hirato, Tetsuji (2014-08-10)
  Electrochimica Acta, 137: 470-475
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Electrodeposition of Bright Al Coatings from Dimethylsulfone-AlCl3 Baths with the Addition of Tetraethylenepentamine
  Miyake, Masao, Kubo, Yuki, Hirato, Tetsuji (2013-06-01)
  表面技術 = The journal of the Surface Finishing Society of Japan, 64(6): 364-367
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