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Engaging scientists: An online survey exploring the experience of innovative biotechnological approaches to controlling vector-borne diseases
  Boëte, Christophe, Beisel, Uli, Reis Castro, Luísa, Césard, Nicolas, Reeves, R. Guy (2015-08-10)
  Parasites and Vectors, 8
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A century of trends in adult human height
  NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC) (2016-07-26)
  elife, 5: e13410
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Object transfer in request–accept sequence in Japanese caregiver–child interactions
  Takada, Akira, Endo, Tomoko (2015-06)
  Journal of Pragmatics, 82: 52-66
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Polymorphisms associated with a tropical climate and root crop diet induce susceptibility to metabolic and cardiovascular diseases in Solomon Islands
  Furusawa, Takuro, Naka, Izumi, Yamauchi, Taro, Natsuhara, Kazumi, Eddie, Ricky, Kimura, Ryosuke, Nakazawa, Minato, Ishida, Takafumi, Ohtsuka, Ryutaro, Ohashi, Jun (2017-03-02)
  PLOS ONE, 12(3): e0172676
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The changing role of a Vaidya (non-codified traditional doctor) in the community health of Kerala, Southern India: comparison of treatment-seeking behaviours between the Vaidya's patients and community members
  Matsuoka, Sachi (2015-07-10)
  Journal of ethnobiology and ethnomedicine, 11: 57
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The communication of culturally dominant modes of attention from parents to children: A comparison of Canadian and Japanese parent-child conversations during a joint scene description task
  Senzaki, Sawa, Masuda, Takahiko, Takada, Akira, Okada, Hiroyuki (2016-01-29)
  PLOS ONE, 11(1)
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Considering the practical rationality of experimental operation in developing countries: Reality and challenges under a rigid community forestry system in Cambodia
  Kurashima, Takayuki, Matsuura, Toshiya, Miyamoto, Asako, Sano, Makoto, Chann, Sophal (2015-09-07)
  Forests, 6(9): 3087-3108
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  深尾, 淳一 (2015-02-27)
  現代インド研究 = Contemporary India, 5: 251-254
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<書評>木曽順子『インドの経済発展と人・労働』(東京 : 日本評論社, 2012年, 208頁, 本体3, 600+税, ISBN978-4-5355-5729-1)
  村山, 真弓 (2015-02-27)
  現代インド研究 = Contemporary India, 5: 255-258
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<書評>吉野馨子『屋敷地林と在地の知 : バングラデシュ農村の暮らしと女性』(京都 : 京都大学学術出版会, 2013年, 407頁, 本体3, 600円+税, ISBN978-4-87698-269-1)
  及川, 洋征 (2015-02-27)
  現代インド研究 = Contemporary India, 5: 268-272
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