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The first archaic Homo from Taiwan
  Chang, Chun Hsiang, Kaifu, Yousuke, Takai, Masanaru, Kono, Reiko T., Grün, Rainer, Matsu'Ura, Shuji, Kinsley, Les, Lin, Liang Kong (2015-01-27)
  Nature Communications, 6
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How dolphins see the world: A comparison with chimpanzees and humans
  Tomonaga, Masaki, Uwano, Yuka, Saito, Toyoshi (2014-01-16)
  Scientific Reports, 4
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The effects of prenatal and postnatal environmental interaction: Prenatal environmental adaptation hypothesis
  Lee, Young-A, Goto, Yukiori (2013-12)
  Journal of physiology, Paris, 107(6): 483-492
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Unpeeling the layers of language: Bonobos and chimpanzees engage in cooperative turn-taking sequences
  Fröhlich, Marlen, Kuchenbuch, Paul, Müller, Gudrun, Fruth, Barbara, Furuichi, Takeshi, Wittig, Roman M., Pika, Simone (2016-05-23)
  Scientific Reports, 6
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