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Aerial drone observations identified a multilevel society in feral horses
  Maeda, Tamao; Ochi, Sakiho; Ringhofer, Monamie; Sosa, Sebastian; Sueur, Cédric; Hirata, Satoshi; Yamamoto, Shinya (2021)
  Scientific Reports, 11
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The founder sociality hypothesis
  Brooks, James; Yamamoto, Shinya (2021-11)
  Ecology and Evolution, 11(21): 14392-14404
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Divergent effects of oxytocin on eye contact in bonobos and chimpanzees
  Brooks, James; Kano, Fumihiro; Sato, Yutaro; Yeow, Hanling; Morimura, Naruki; Nagasawa, Miho; Kikusui, Takefumi; Yamamoto, Shinya (2021-03)
  Psychoneuroendocrinology, 125
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New indices to characterize drawing behavior in humans (Homo sapiens) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
  Martinet, Lison; Sueur, Cédric; Hirata, Satoshi; Hosselet, Jérôme; Matsuzawa, Tetsuro; Pelé, Marie (2021)
  Scientific reports, 11
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Structural analysis of behavioral freedom in free‐ranging and captive chimpanzees
  Morimura, Naruki (2021-07)
  Conservation Science and Practice, 3(7)
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Behavioural synchronization in a multilevel society of feral horses
  Maeda, Tamao; Sueur, Cédric; Hirata, Satoshi; Yamamoto, Shinya (2021-10)
  PLOS ONE, 16(10)
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Sand-bubbler crabs distinguish fiddler crab signals to predict intruders
  Muramatsu, Daisuke (2021-09)
  Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 75(9)
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Computerized intertemporal choice task in chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) with/without postreward delay
  Sato, Yutaro; Sakai, Yutaka; Hirata, Satoshi (2021-05)
  Journal of Comparative Psychology, 135(2): 185-195
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Studying feral horse behavior from the sky
  Hirata, Satoshi (2022-05)
  Artificial Life and Robotics, 27(2): 196-203
Uniting against a common enemy: Perceived outgroup threat elicits ingroup cohesion in chimpanzees
  Brooks, James; Onishi, Ena; Clark, Isabelle R.; Bohn, Manuel; Yamamoto, Shinya (2021-02-24)
  PLOS ONE, 16(2)
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