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Spring Temperature Predicts the Long-term Molting Phenology of Two Cicadas, Cryptotympana facialis and Graptopsaltria nigrofuscata (Hemiptera: Cicadidae)
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Sato, Shunsuke (2015-05-16)
  Annals of the Entomological Society of America, 108(4): 494-500
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Associational effects against a leaf beetle mediate a minority advantage in defense and growth between hairy and glabrous plants
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Kudoh, Hiroshi (2015-11-14)
  Evolutionary Ecology, 30(1): 137-154
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Frequency-dependent herbivory by a leaf beetle, Phaedon brassicae, on hairy and glabrous plants of Arabidopsis halleri subsp. gemmifera
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Kawagoe, Tetsuhiro, Sawada, Yuji, Hirai, Masami Yokota, Kudoh, Hiroshi (2013-12-10)
  Evolutionary Ecology, 26(3): 545-559
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Relative strength of phenotypic selection on the height and number of flowering-stalks in the rosette annual Cardamine hirsuta (Brassicaceae)
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Kudoh, Hiroshi (2013)
  Journal of Ecology and Environment, 36(3): 151-158
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Fine-scale frequency differentiation along a herbivory gradient in the trichome dimorphism of a wild Arabidopsis
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Kudoh, Hiroshi (2017-04)
  Ecology and Evolution, 7(7): 2133-2141
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Herbivore-Mediated Interaction Promotes the Maintenance of Trichome Dimorphism through Negative Frequency-Dependent Selection
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Kudoh, Hiroshi (2017-09)
  The American Naturalist, 190(3): E68-E77
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Presence of substitute diets alters plant resistance to specialist and generalist herbivores: a meta-analysis
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Kudoh, Hiroshi (2016-11)
  Ecosphere, 7(11)
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Optimal foraging by herbivores maintains polymorphism in defence in a natural plant population
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Ito, Koichi, Kudoh, Hiroshi (2017-12)
  Functional Ecology, 31(12): 2233-2243
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Associational effects and the maintenance of polymorphism in plant defense against herbivores: review and evidence
  Sato, Yasuhiro (2018-04)
  Plant Species Biology, 33(2): 91-108
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