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Low regularity a priori estimate for KDNLS via the short-time Fourier restriction method
  KISHIMOTO, Nobu; TSUTSUMI, Yoshio (2022-09)
  : 1-35
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Continuous Functions on Final Comodels of Free Algebraic Theories
  YOSHIDA, Tomoya (2022-09)
  : 1-17
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Anabelian geometry of complete discrete valuation fields and ramification filtrations
  MUROTANI, Takahiro (2021-03)
  : 1-33
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A study on anabelian geometry of higher local fields
  MUROTANI, Takahiro (2021-03)
  : 1-20
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The reduced Dijkgraaf–Witten invariant of double twist knots in the Bloch group of $mathbb{F}_p$
  KARUO, Hiroaki (2021-03)
  : 1-35
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Instability of degenerate solitons for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with derivative
  FUKAYA, Noriyoshi; HAYASHI, Masayuki (2021-02)
  : 1-25
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On endomorphisms of projective toric varieties
  NAKAYAMA, Noboru (2021-02)
  : 1-31
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Mono-anabelian reconstruction of generalized fiber subgroups from a configuration space group equipped with its collection of log-full subgroups
  HIGASHIYAMA, Kazumi (2021-03)
  : 1-29
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On Generalizations of Anabelian Group-theoretic Properties
  MINAMIDE, Arata; SAWADA, Koichiro; TSUJIMURA, Shota (2022-08)
  : 1-24
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On Isogeny Characters of Drinfeld Modules of Rank Two
  ISHII, Shun (2021-12)
  : 1-14
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