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An exotic herbivorous insect drives the evolution of resistance in the exotic perennial herb
  Sakata, Yuzu, Yamasaki, Michimasa, Isagi, Yuji, Ohgushi, Takayuki (2014-09)
  Ecology, 95(9): 2569-2578
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Production of the Japan 30-m Land Cover Map of 2013–2015 Using a Random Forests-Based Feature Optimization Approach
  Sharma, Ram, Tateishi, Ryutaro, Hara, Keitarou, Iizuka, Kotaro (2016-05-20)
  Remote Sensing, 8(5)
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A 1998-2013 climatology of Kyushu, Japan: seasonal variations of stability and rainfall
  Poulidis, Alexandros P., Takemi, Tetsuya (2017-03-30)
  International Journal of Climatology, 37(4): 1843-1858
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Beyond TICAD Diplomacy: Japan's Africa Policy and African Initiatives in Conflict Response
  OCHIAI, Takehiko (2001-05)
  African Study Monographs, 22(1): 37-52
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Handling incidental findings in neuroimaging research in Japan: current state of research facilities and attitudes of investigators and the general population
  Fujita, Misao, Hayashi, Yoshinori, Tashiro, Shimon, Takashima, Kyoko, Nakazawa, Eisuke, Akabayashi, Akira (2014-10-06)
  Health research policy and systems, 12
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A new quadrannulate species of Orobdella (Hirudinida, Arhynchobdellida, Orobdellidae) from central Honshu, Japan
  Nakano, Takafumi (2014-10-13)
  ZooKeys, 445: 57-76
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Japan's Economic Relations with Africa between the Wars: A Study of Japanese Consular Reports
  KITAGAWA, Katsuhiko (1990-12)
  African Study Monographs, 11(3): 125-141
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  IWATA, Takuo (2012-12)
  African Study Monographs, 33(4): 209-231
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Development of a prediction model for child maltreatment recurrence in Japan: A historical cohort study using data from a Child Guidance Center
  Horikawa, Hiroyuki (2016-11-24)
  Kyoto University (京都大学)
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  赤澤, 久弥, 李, 霞 (2014-02-15)
  图书馆杂志 = LIBRARY JOURNAL, 33(2): 72-83
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