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ソフトマター物理学2006-Beyond Self-Organization and Hierarchical Structures-
  物性研究, 87(1): 1-9
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Visible fingerprints of symmetry, topology and defects of lyotropic liquid crystals
  Pieranski, P. (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 10-11
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Archimedean Tiling Phases from ABC Starpolymers : The Road to Polymeric Quasicrystals
  Dotera, Tomonari (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 12-13
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Structural Studies of Mesoporous Crystals Using Electron Microscopy
  Sakamoto, Yasuhiro, Terasaki, Osamu (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 14-15
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Photopolymerization Induced Phase Transition in Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals and Photonic Crystals
  Kyu, Thein (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 16-17
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Chemical Reaction at Specific Sites and Reaction-induced Self-assembly : Enzymatic Polymerization of Cellulose As a Problem in Open-Nonequilibrium Phenomena
  Hashimoto, Takeji, Tanaka, Hirokazu, Koizumi, Satoshi, Kurosaki, Kazuhiro, Kobayashi, Shiro (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 18-19
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Spontaneous Formation and Stability of Surfactant Vesicles
  Olsson, Ulf (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 20-21
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Deformation of vesicle and red blood cell in flow
  Noguchi, Hiroshi (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 22-23
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Relation between the depletion interaction and the electrostatic interaction in protein solutions
  Tanaka, Shinpei (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 24-25
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Probing and Analysis of the deformation of two-dimensional domain shape
  Iwamoto, Mitsumasa, Yamamoto, Tetsuya, Manaka, Takaaki (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 26-27
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Molecular Picture of Dynamic Tube Dilation for Entangled Polymers : Coarse-Graining of Length Scale Consistent with Time Scale
  Watanabe, Hiroshi (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 28-29
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Change in Filler Network and Nonlinear Viscoelasticity of Filled Rubber
  Isono, Yoshinobu, Fujii, Shuji (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 30-31
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Scattering function of a ring polymer with fixed knot : An exact expression in the θ condition and that of the correlation function
  Deguchi, Tetsuo, Yao, Akihisa (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 32-33
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Kinetic arrest and glass-glass transitions in short-ranged attractive colloids
  Narayanan, T., Sztucki, M., Moussaid, A. (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 34-35
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The dielectric spectrum of the polyelectrolyte solutions
  Lu, C.-Y. David (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 36-37
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Direct numerical simulations of electrophoresis of charged colloids : Smoothed profile method
  Kim, Kang, Nakayama, Yasuya, Yamamoto, Ryoichi (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 38-39
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Kinetics of the water swelling of amphiphilic diblock copolymers with adhesive properties
  NALLET, Frederic (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 40-41
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Dot formation kinetics induced by Marangoni flow in the drying process of polymer solution drop
  Yamaue, Tatsuya, Youngki, Jung, Doi, Masao (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 42-43
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Menger Sponge-like Fractal Body Created with a Novel Template Method
  Mayama, Hiroyuki, Tsujii, Kaoru (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 44-45
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Towards a unified theory for entangled polymers : linear, branched and crosslinked
  Schieber, Jay D. (2006-10-20)
  物性研究, 87(1): 46-46
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List Of Items (Sorted by table of contents in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 104