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Mechanical stimulation of single cells by reversible host-guest interactions in 3D microscaffolds
  Hippler, Marc; Weißenbruch, Kai; Richler, Kai; Lemma, Enrico D.; Nakahata, Masaki; Richter, Benjamin; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher; Takashima, Yoshinori; Harada, Akira; Blasco, Eva; Wegener, Martin; Tanaka, Motomu; Bastmeyer, Martin (2020-09)
  Science Advances, 6(39)
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Dynamic cellular phenotyping defines specific mobilization mechanisms of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells induced by SDF1α versus synthetic agents
  Monzel, Cornelia; Becker, Alexandra S.; Saffrich, Rainer; Wuchter, Patrick; Eckstein, Volker; Ho, Anthony D.; Tanaka, Motomu (2018-01-30)
  Scientific Reports, 8
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Critical role of lipid membranes in polarization and migration of cells: a biophysical view
  Sackmann, Erich; Tanaka, Motomu (2021-02)
  Biophysical Reviews, 13(1): 123-138
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Lensless Tomographic Imaging of Near Surface Structures of Frozen Hydrated Malaria-Infected Human Erythrocytes by Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy
  Frank, Viktoria; Chushkin, Yuriy; Fröhlich, Benjamin; Abuillan, Wasim; Rieger, Harden; Becker, Alexandra S.; Yamamoto, Akihisa; Rossetti, Fernanda F.; Kaufmann, Stefan; Lanzer, Michael; Zontone, Federico; Tanaka, Motomu (2017-10-26)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Dynamic Mechano-Regulation of Myoblast Cells on Supramolecular Hydrogels Cross-Linked by Reversible Host-Guest Interactions
  Hörning, Marcel; Nakahata, Masaki; Linke, Philip; Yamamoto, Akihisa; Veschgini, Mariam; Kaufmann, Stefan; Takashima, Yoshinori; Harada, Akira; Tanaka, Motomu (2017-08-09)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Frequent mechanical stress suppresses proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells from human bone marrow without loss of multipotency
  Frank, Viktoria; Kaufmann, Stefan; Wright, Rebecca; Horn, Patrick; Yoshikawa, Hiroshi Y.; Wuchter, Patrick; Madsen, Jeppe; Lewis, Andrew L.; Armes, Steven P.; Ho, Anthony D.; Tanaka, Motomu (2016-04-15)
  Scientific Reports, 6
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N-glycosylation enables high lateral mobility of GPI-anchored proteins at a molecular crowding threshold
  Hartel, Andreas J. W.; Glogger, Marius; Jones, Nicola G.; Abuillan, Wasim; Batram, Christopher; Hermann, Anne; Fenz, Susanne F.; Tanaka, Motomu; Engstler, Markus (2016-09-19)
  Nature Communications, 7
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Cooling induces phase separation in membranes derived from isolated CNS myelin
  Pusterla, Julio M.; Schneck, Emanuel; Funari, Sérgio S.; Démé, Bruno; Tanaka, Motomu; Oliveira, Rafael G. (2017-09-15)
  PLOS ONE, 12(9)
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Simple Physical Model Unravels Influences of Chemokine on Shape Deformation and Migration of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells
  Ohta, Takao; Monzel, Cornelia; Becker, Alexandra S.; Ho, Anthony D.; Tanaka, Motomu (2018-07-13)
  Scientific Reports, 8
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Controlling the shape of 3D microstructures by temperature and light
  Hippler, Marc; Blasco, Eva; Qu, Jingyuan; Tanaka, Motomu; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher; Wegener, Martin; Bastmeyer, Martin (2019-01-16)
  Nature Communications, 10
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