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Title: 風景構成法の彩色過程における心理療法的側面について --やりとりの視点から--
Other Titles: On Psychotherapeutic aspect in the Painting Process of Landscape Montage Technique: From the Viewpoint of Interaction
Authors: 清重, 英矩  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: KIYOSHIGE, Hidenori
Keywords: 風景構成法
Landscape Montage Technique
the painting process
mutual process
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2018
Publisher: 京都大学大学院教育学研究科
Journal title: 京都大学大学院教育学研究科紀要
Volume: 64
Start page: 345
End page: 357
Abstract: 本論文は, 風景構成法の彩色過程における心理療法的側面について, 鍵となる概念であるやりとり(interaction)に着目し, やりとりを担う描き手, 見守り手, 風景の三者関係における構造的特徴という点から風景構成法プロセス全体を検討した。そして, 中でもやりとりの構造的特徴の変化が生じる彩色過程に注目し, その心理療法的な側面についての検討を試みた。彩色過程では描き手と風景の関係が主体となって交流が進む中で, 見守り手と風景や描き手と見守り手の間に内的な交流が活性化し, それらが互いに影響し合う「相互交流mutual process」が生じていることが示唆された。同時に, それは素描過程におけるやりとりによって形成された描き手と見守り手の関係を一種の守りとすることによって可能となっていることを論じた。そして, 彩色過程における相互交流が, 風景構成法の心理療法的な側面を十分に担う可能性が示唆され, 彩色過程の重要性が示された。
The Landscape Montage Technique (LMT) is an art therapy technique that is widely used in psychotherapy. This paper considers the whole process of LMT, focusing on the "interaction, " which is the key concept in the psychotherapeutic aspect of LMT, from the viewpoint of the structural characteristics of the "interaction" in the relationships between client, therapist, and drawing. In particular, the painting process differs from other processes of LMT in the structural characteristics of the "interaction." Then, the psychotherapeutic aspect of the painting process is considered. In the painting process, it is suggested that, while the interaction between client and drawing is centered on, simultaneously there is the "mutual process" between client, therapist, and drawing, in which they influence each other in deeper layers of images. In addition, it is argued that the relationship formed by the "interaction" in previous processes of LMT acts as a kind of defense in the painting process. Therefore, it is suggested that the "mutual process" of the painting process accepts its psychotherapeutic aspect, and LMT has a mechanism where psychotherapeutic function works the most in the painting process.
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