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Homomorphisms of Global Solvably Closed Galois Groups Compatible with Cyclotomic Characters
  HOSHI, Yuichiro (2021-12)
  : 1-14
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Galois-theoretic Characterization of Geometric Isomorphism Classes of Quasi-monodromically Full Hyperbolic Curves with Small Numerical Invariants
  HOSHI, Yuichiro; IIJIMA, Yu (2021-12)
  : 1-30
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Anabelian Group-theoretic Properties of the Pro-p Absolute Galois Groups of Henselian Discrete Valuation Fields
  MINAMIDE, Arata; TSUJIMURA, Shota (2021-08)
  : 1-28
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A Note on Integrality of Convex Polyhedra Represented by Linear Inequalities with {0,±1}-coefficients
  FUJISHIGE, Satoru (2021-10)
  : 1-12
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Kauffman Bracket Skein Module of the Connected Sum of Handlebodies and Non-injectivity
  KARUO, Hiroaki (2021-01)
  : 1-7
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Outstanding problems on normal projective surfaces admitting non-isomorphic surjective endomorphisms
  NAKAYAMA, Noboru (2021-03)
  : 1-85
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On endomorphisms of projective toric varieties
  NAKAYAMA, Noboru (2021-02)
  : 1-31
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Instability of degenerate solitons for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with derivative
  FUKAYA, Noriyoshi; HAYASHI, Masayuki (2021-02)
  : 1-25
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Mono-anabelian reconstruction of generalized fiber subgroups from a configuration space group equipped with its collection of log-full subgroups
  HIGASHIYAMA, Kazumi (2021-03)
  : 1-29
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On the tempered fundamental groups of hyperbolic curves of genus $0$ over $overline{mathbb{Q}}_p$
  TSUJIMURA, Shota (2021-02)
  : 1-26
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