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Concise site-specific synthesis of DTPA-peptide conjugates: application to imaging probes for the chemokine receptor CXCR4
  Masuda, Ryo, Oishi, Shinya, Ohno, Hiroaki, Kimura, Hiroyuki, Saji, Hideo, Fujii, Nobutaka (2011-05-15)
  Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 19(10): 3216-3220
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Pachastrissamine (jaspine B) and its stereoisomers inhibit sphingosine kinases and atypical protein kinase C
  Yoshimitsu, Yuji, Oishi, Shinya, Miyagaki, Jun, Inuki, Shinsuke, Ohno, Hiroaki, Fujii, Nobutaka (2011-09-15)
  Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 19(18): 5402-5408
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Palladium-Catalyzed Construction of Polycyclic Heterocycles by an Alkyne Insertion and Direct Arylation Cascade
  Ohno, Hiroaki, Yamamoto, Mio, Iuchi, Mutsumi, Fujii, Nobutaka, Tanaka, Tetsuaki (2011-07-08)
  Synthesis, 2011(16): 2567-2578
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Design and synthesis of amidine-type peptide bond isosteres: application of nitrile oxide derivatives as active ester equivalents in peptide and peptidomimetics synthesis
  Inokuchi, Eriko, Yamada, Ai, Hozumi, Kentaro, Tomita, Kenji, Oishi, Shinya, Ohno, Hiroaki, Nomizu, Motoyoshi, Fujii, Nobutaka (2011-05-07)
  Organic & biomolecular chemistry, 9(9): 3421-3427
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Direct synthesis of highly fused perimidines by copper(I)-catalyzed hydroamination of 2-ethynylbenzaldehydes
  Tokimizu, Yusuke, Ohta, Yusuke, Chiba, Hiroaki, Oishi, Shinya, Fujii, Nobutaka, Ohno, Hiroaki (2011-07)
  Tetrahedron, 67(29): 5168-5175
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