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Transient receptor potential canonical 3 inhibitor Pyr3 improves outcomes and attenuates astrogliosis after intracerebral hemorrhage in mice
  Munakata, Masaya, Shirakawa, Hisashi, Nagayasu, Kazuki, Miyanohara, Jun, Miyake, Takahito, Nakagawa, Takayuki, Katsuki, Hiroshi, Kaneko, Shuji (2013-07)
  Stroke, 44(7): 1981-1987
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Sphingosine-1-phosphate induces Ca²⁺ signaling and CXCL1 release via TRPC6 channel in astrocytes
  Shirakawa, Hisashi, Katsumoto, Rumi, Iida, Shota, Miyake, Takahito, Higuchi, Takuya, Nagashima, Takuya, Nagayasu, Kazuki, Nakagawa, Takayuki, Kaneko, Shuji (2017-06)
  Glia, 65(6): 1005-1016
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TRPV4 is functionally expressed in oligodendrocyte precursor cells and increases their proliferation
  Ohashi, Kana, Deyashiki, Ayane, Miyake, Takahito, Nagayasu, Kazuki, Shibasaki, Koji, Shirakawa, Hisashi, Kaneko, Shuji (2018-05)
  Pflügers Archiv - European Journal of Physiology, 470(5): 705-716
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Neurotropin inhibits neuronal activity through potentiation of sustained Kv currents in primary cultured DRG neurons
  Kawai, Hiroyuki, Asaoka, Nozomi, Miyake, Takahito, Nagayasu, Kazuki, Nakagawa, Takayuki, Shirakawa, Hisashi, Kaneko, Shuji (2018-07)
  Journal of pharmacological sciences, 137(3): 313-316
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