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Applicability condition of time–temperature superposition principle (TTSP) to a multi-phase system
  Nakano, Takato (2013-08)
  Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials, 17(3): 439-447
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Morphological change induced with NaOH–water solution for ramie fiber: change mechanism and effects of concentration and temperature
  Nakano, Takato, Tanimoto, Takashi, Hashimoto, Tsuginosuke (2013-11)
  Journal of Materials Science, 48(21): 7510-7517
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Effect of image characteristics of edge-grain patterns on visual impressions
  Nakamura, Masashi, Miyake, Yumi, Nakano, Takato (2012-12)
  Journal of Wood Science, 58(6): 505-512
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Mechanism of water adsorption capacity change of bamboo by heating
  Ohmae, Yoshimi, Saito, Yukie, Inoue, Masafumi, Nakano, Takato (2008-11)
  European Journal of Wood and Wood Products, 67(1): 13-18
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Stress relaxation of wood partially non-crystallized using aqueous NaOH solutions
  Tanimoto, Takashi, Nakano, Takato (2012-02)
  Carbohydrate Polymers, 87(3): 2145-2148
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Analysis of stress relaxation on the basis of isolated relaxation spectrum for wet wood
  Kurenuma, Yuji, Nakano, Takato (2012-06)
  Journal of Materials Science, 47(11): 4673-4679
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Coarse graining of wood cell arrangement and density dependence of elasticity
  Nakano, Takato (2013-01-01)
  Holzforschung, 67(1): 67-73
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Water adsorption properties of bamboo in the longitudinal direction
  Ohmae, Yoshimi, Nakano, Takato (2008-10)
  Wood Science and Technology, 43(5-6): 415-422
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Creep behavior of bamboo under various desorption conditions
  Tsubaki, Takashi, Nakano, Takato (2010-06)
  Holzforschung, 64(4): 489-493
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Scale effect in the anisotropic deformation change of tracheid cells during water adsorption
  Taguchi, Ayako, Murata, Koji, Nakamura, Masashi, Nakano, Takato (2011-03)
  Holzforschung, 65(2): 253-256
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