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International Competition and Distributive Class Conflict in an Open Economy Kaleckian Model
  Sasaki, Hiroaki, Sonoda, Ryunosuke, Fujita, Shinya (2013-08-08)
  Metroeconomica, 64(4): 683-715
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The macroeconomic effects of the wage gap between regular and non-regular employment and of minimum wages
  Sasaki, Hiroaki, Matsuyama, Jun, Sako, Kazumitsu (2013-09)
  Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 26: 61-72
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Identification problem of the exponential tilting estimator under misspecification
  Sueishi, Naoya (2013-03)
  Economics Letters, 118(3): 509-511
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Effects of large-scale research funding programs: a Japanese case study
  Ida, Takanori, Fukuzawa, Naomi (2013-03)
  Scientometrics, 94(3): 1253-1273
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The delayed effects of monetary shocks in a two-sector New Keynesian model
  Katayama, Munechika, Kim, Kwang Hwan (2013-12)
  Journal of Macroeconomics, 38(Part B): 243-259
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General statutory minimum wage debate in Germany: Degrees of political intervention in collective bargaining autonomy
  Kitagawa, Kota, Uemura, Arata (2013)
  The Kyoto economic review, 82(1-2): 59-91
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The evolution of a corporate system: the case of production and employment structures in the Toyota Group
  Kim, WooJin (2013)
  The Kyoto economic review, 82(1-2): 31-58
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Reconsidering the Concept of Modern Professionals
  Nishimura, Takeshi (2013)
  The Kyoto economic review, 82(1-2): 2-18
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Equality of Capabilities and the Weak Equity Axiom
  Matsuyama, Jun (2013)
  The Kyoto economic review, 82(1-2): 19-30
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