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Distribution of LHRH-like Immunoreactivity in the Brain of the Japanese Eel (Anguilla japonica) with Special Reference to the Nervus Terminalis
  Nozaki, Masumi; Fujita, Ichiro; Saito, Noboru; Tsukahara, Tetsuo; Kobayashi, Hideshi; Ueda, Kazuo; Oshima, Kiyoshi (1985-08)
  Zoological Science, 2(4): 537-547
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Proposal of New Terminology for the Morphology of Nauplius Y (Crustacea: Maxillopoda: Facetotecta), with Provisional Designation of Four Naupliar Types from Japan
  Ito, Tatsunori (1987-00)
  Zoological Science, 4(5): 913-918
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Computed Profiles of Compressed Sea-Urchin Eggs with Elastic Membranes
  Yoneda, Mitsuki (1988-00)
  Zoological Science, 5(3): 553-562
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Termination of Adult Diapause by a Juvenile Hormone Analogue in the Bean Bug, Riptortus clavatus
  Numata, Hideharu; Hidaka, Toshitaka (1984-10)
  Zoological Science, 1(5): 751-754
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Variation in Coded Morphological Characters in the Japanese Common Toad from Momoyama, Kyoto, Japan
  Matsui, Masafumi (1985)
  Zoological Science, 2(1): 95-103
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Hynobius-takedai (Amphibia, Urodela), a new species of salamander from Japan
  Matsui, Masafumi; Miyazaki, Kouji (1984)
  Zoological Science, 1(4): 665-671
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Biochemical Differentiation in Japanese Newts, Genus Cynops (Salamandridae)
  Hayashi, Terutake; Matsui, Masafumi (1988-10)
  Zoological Science, 5(5): 1121-1136
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