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Deubiquitinating enzymes regulate Hes1 stability and neuronal differentiation
  Kobayashi, Taeko, Iwamoto, Yumiko, Takashima, Kazuhiro, Isomura, Akihiro, Kosodo, Yoichi, Kawakami, Koichi, Nishioka, Tomoki, Kaibuchi, Kozo, Kageyama, Ryoichiro (2015-04-23)
  The FEBS journal, 282(13): 2411-2423
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Ultradian oscillations and pulses: coordinating cellular responses and cell fate decisions
  Isomura, Akihiro, Kageyama, Ryoichiro (2014-10)
  Development, 141(19): 3627-3636
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Expression dynamics and functions of Hes factors in development and diseases
  Kobayashi, Taeko, Kageyama, Ryoichiro (2014)
  Current topics in developmental biology, 110: 263-283
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Real-time imaging of bHLH transcription factors reveals their dynamic control in the multipotency and fate choice of neural stem cells
  Imayoshi, Itaru, Ishidate, Fumiyoshi, Kageyama, Ryoichiro (2015-08-04)
  Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, 9
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The role of neurogenesis in olfaction-dependent behaviors
  Kageyama, Ryoichiro, Imayoshi, Itaru, Sakamoto, Masayuki (2012-02-14)
  Behavioural brain research, 227(2): 459-463
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Visualization of Notch signaling oscillation in cells and tissues
  Shimojo, Hiromi, Harima, Yukiko, Kageyama, Ryoichiro (2014-06-26)
  Methods in molecular biology, 1187: 169-179
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Dynamic expression and roles of Hes factors in neural development
  Kageyama, Ryoichiro, Shimojo, Hiromi, Imayoshi, Itaru (2014-05-22)
  Cell and tissue research, 359(1): 125-133
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Continuous neurogenesis in the adult forebrain is required for innate olfactory responses
  Sakamoto, Masayuki, Imayoshi, Itaru, Ohtsuka, Toshiyuki, Yamaguchi, Masahiro, Mori, Kensaku, Kageyama, Ryoichiro (2011-05-02)
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
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Intronic delay is essential for oscillatory expression in the segmentation clock
  Takashima, Yoshiki, Ohtsuka, Toshiyuki, González, Aitor, Miyachi, Hitoshi, Kageyama, Ryoichiro (2011-02-22)
  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108(8): 3300-3305
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Accelerating the Tempo of the Segmentation Clock by Reducing the Number of Introns in the Hes7 Gene
  Harima, Yukiko, Takashima, Yoshiki, Ueda, Yuriko, Ohtsuka, Toshiyuki, Kageyama, Ryoichiro (2013-01-31)
  Cell Reports, 3
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