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CMB anomalies and the effects of local features of the inflaton potential
  Gallego Cadavid, Alexander, Romano, Antonio Enea (2017-4)
  The European Physical Journal C, 77(4)
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Holographic entanglement entropy on generic time slices
  Kusuki, Yuya, Takayanagi, Tadashi, Umemoto, Koji (2017-06)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017
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Generalized weak-binding relations of compositeness in effective field theory
  Kamiya, Yuki, Hyodo, Tetsuo (2017-02-01)
  Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2017(2)
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学びと遊びの原点に迫る --自己・非自己循環理論の視点から
  村瀬, 雅俊, 村瀬, 偉紀, 村瀬, 智子 (2017-04)
  クオリティ・エデュケーション : 国際教育学会機関誌 = Journal of quality education, 8: 23-52
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Discrete gauge groups in F-theory models on genus-one fibered Calabi-Yau 4-folds without section
  Kimura, Yusuke (2017-04)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017
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Effects of ρ -meson width on pion distributions in heavy-ion collisions
  Huovinen, Pasi, Lo, Pok Man, Marczenko, Michał, Morita, Kenji, Redlich, Krzysztof, Sasaki, Chihiro (2017-6-10)
  Physics Letters B, 769: 509-512
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Liouville action as path-integral complexity: from continuous tensor networks to AdS/CFT
  Caputa, Pawel, Kundu, Nilay, Miyaji, Masamichi, Takayanagi, Tadashi, Watanabe, Kento (2017-11)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017
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CFT descriptions of bulk local states in the AdS black holes
  Goto, Kanato, Takayanagi, Tadashi (2017-10)
  Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017
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Polyakov loop effects on the phase diagram in strong-coupling lattice QCD
  Miura, Kohtaroh, Kawamoto, Noboru, Nakano, Takashi Z., Ohnishi, Akira (2017-06-01)
  Physical Review D, 95(11)
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Toward solving the sign problem with path optimization method
  Mori, Yuto, Kashiwa, Kouji, Ohnishi, Akira (2017-12-01)
  Physical Review D, 96(11)
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