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Criticality of the net-baryon number probability distribution at finite density
  Morita, Kenji, Friman, Bengt, Redlich, Krzysztof (2015-02)
  Physics Letters B, 741: 178-183
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Net-baryon number fluctuations across the chiral phase transition at finite density in strong-coupling lattice QCD
  Ichihara, Terukazu, Morita, Kenji, Ohnishi, Akira (2015-11)
  Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2015(11)
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Momentum scale dependence of the net quark number fluctuations near chiral crossover
  Morita, Kenji, Redlich, Krzysztof (2015-04-01)
  Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics, 2015(4)
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Charmonium mass in hot and dense hadronic matter
  Morita, Kenji, Lee, Su Houng (2012-04)
  Physical Review C, 85(4)
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Probing deconfinement in a chiral effective model with Polyakov loop at imaginary chemical potential
  Morita, Kenji, Skokov, Vladimir, Friman, Bengt, Redlich, Krzysztof (2011-10)
  Physical Review D, 84(7)
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Net quark number probability distribution near the chiral crossover transition
  Morita, Kenji, Friman, Bengt, Redlich, Krzysztof, Skokov, Vladimir (2013-09-12)
  Physical Review C, 88(3)
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Effects of ρ -meson width on pion distributions in heavy-ion collisions
  Huovinen, Pasi, Lo, Pok Man, Marczenko, Michał, Morita, Kenji, Redlich, Krzysztof, Sasaki, Chihiro (2017-6-10)
  Physics Letters B, 769: 509-512
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ΛΛ interaction from relativistic heavy-ion collisions
  Morita, Kenji, Furumoto, Takenori, Ohnishi, Akira (2015-02)
  Physical Review C, 91(2)
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Lambda-Lambda Correlation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions
  Morita, Kenji, Furumoto, Takenori, Ohnishi, Akira (2015-06)
  EPJ Web of Conferences, 97
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pΞ⁻ Correlation in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions with Nucleon-Hyperon Interaction from Lattice QCD
  Hatsuda, Tetsuo, Morita, Kenji, Ohnishi, Akira, Sasaki, Kenji (2017-11)
  Nuclear Physics A, 967: 856-859
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