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Learning log-based automatic group formation: system design and classroom implementation study
  Liang, Changhao; Majumdar, Rwitajit; Ogata, Hiroaki (2021)
  Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 16
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  緒方, 広明 (2021-03)
  チャイルド・サイエンス, 21: 9-12
  金谷, 吉成; 飯田, 勝吉; 小谷, 大祐 (2021-01)
  コンピュータソフトウェア, 38(1): 38-44
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Multimodal Technologies in Precision Education: Providing New Opportunities or Adding More Challenges?
  Qushem, Umar Bin; Christopoulos, Athanasios; Oyelere, Solomon Sunday; Ogata, Hiroaki; Laakso, Mikko-Jussi (2021)
  Education Sciences, 11(7)
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バイオイメージ・インフォマティクスと可視化技術を統合したユーザー主導型データ探索(特集 生物学のデータと可視化)
  夏川, 浩明; 尾上, 洋介; 小山田, 耕二 (2020)
  可視化情報学会誌, 40(156): 29-33
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Hardness of Instance Generation with Optimal Solutions for the Stable Marriage Problem
  Matsuyama, Yuki; Miyazaki, Shuichi (2021)
  Journal of Information Processing, 29: 166-173
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Emergency Online Learning in Low-Resource Settings: Effective Student Engagement Strategies
  Abou-Khalil, Victoria; Helou, Samar; Khalifé, Eliane; Chen, Alice MeiRong; Majumdar, Rwitajit; Ogata, Hiroaki (2021-01)
  Education Sciences, 11(1)
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Using a Summarized Lecture Material Recommendation System to Enhance Students’ Preclass Preparation in a Flipped Classroom
  Yang, Christopher C. Y.; Chen, Irene Y. L.; Akçapınar, Gökhan; Flanagan, Brendan; Ogata, Hiroaki (2021-04)
  Educational Technology & Society (ET&S), 24(2): 1-13
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Numerical Prediction for Damping Effects of Suspended Deformable Bodies on Wave Motions of Free-Surface Flows
  Ushijima, Satoru; Guinea, Niku; Toriu, Daisuke (2020-05-02)
  Transaction of the Japan Society for Simulation Technology, 12(1): 2-7
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Integration of Experts' and Beginners' Machine Operation Experiences to Obtain a Detailed Task Model
  CHEN, Longfei; NAKAMURA, Yuichi; KONDO, Kazuaki; DAMEN, Dima; MAYOL-CUEVAS, Walterio (2021-01)
  IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, E104.D(1): 152-161
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