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Socio-spatial cognition in cats: Mentally mapping owner’s location from voice
  Takagi, Saho, Chijiiwa, Hitomi, Arahori, Minori, Saito, Atsuko, Fujita, Kazuo, Kuroshima, Hika (2021-11)
  PLOS ONE, 16(11)
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How was Du Yu Perceived in Northern Wei?: Which of his accomplishments garnered attention, and how were they appraised?
  IKEDA, Yukiya (2021)
  京都大学大学院文学研究科・文学部 人文知連携拠点: 1-16
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State, Temples and Shrines in Medieval Japan
  UEJIMA, Susumu (2021)
  京都大学大学院文学研究科・文学部 人文知連携拠点: 1-26
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The compilation and transmission of the Hakusei: An examination of young interpreters appearing in Mandarin textbooks
  KIZU, Yūko (2021)
  : 1-20
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Mukashi no hito no sode no ka zo suru (It smells like the sleeves of someone in the past)
  ŌTANI, Masao (2021)
  : 1-14
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  谷川, 穣 (2020-08)
  日本教育史研究, 39: 37-45
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  米家, 泰作 (2020-01-30)
  2019年度実習旅行報告書 --島原市--: 137-144
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Pigeons (Columba livia) integrate visual motion using the vector average rule: effect of viewing distance
  Hataji, Yuya, Fujita, Kazuo, Kuroshima, Hika (2020)
  Animal Cognition, 23: 819-825
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Dynamic Corridor Illusion in Pigeons: Humanlike Pictorial Cue Precedence Over Motion Parallax Cue in Size Perception
  Hataji, Yuya, Kuroshima, Hika, Fujita, Kazuo (2020)
  i-Perception, 11(2)
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Age categorization of conspecific and heterospecific faces in capuchin monkeys (Sapajus apella)
  Kawaguchi, Yuri, Kuroshima, Hika, Fujita, Kazuo (2019-5-16)
  Journal of Comparative Psychology, 133(4): 502-511
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Pigeons integrate visual motion signals differently than humans
  Hataji, Yuya, Kuroshima, Hika, Fujita, Kazuo (2019-09-16)
  Scientific Reports, 9
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Cats match voice and face: cross-modal representation of humans in cats (Felis catus)
  Takagi, Saho, Arahori, Minori, Chijiiwa, Hitomi, Saito, Atsuko, Kuroshima, Hika, Fujita, Kazuo (2019-09)
  Animal cognition, 22(5): 901-906
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Eye tracking in an everyday environment reveals the interpersonal distance that affords infant-parent gaze communication
  Yamamoto, Hiroki, Sato, Atsushi, Itakura, Shoji (2019-07-17)
  Scientific Reports, 9
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  伊勢田, 哲治 (2019-06)
  科学・技術研究, 8(1): 5-12
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Cohort Analysis of Gender Role Attitudes: A Conservative Shift among the Younger Generation?
  Nagase, Kei, Tarohmaru, Hiroshi (2019-04)
  : 1-22
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Self-forms in Caxton's Paris and Vienne
  IYEIRI, Yoko, UCHIDA, Mitsumi (2019-03-12)
  関西学院大学社会学部紀要, 131: 47-64
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多文化主義思想における他者性の否認 --批判的人類学の挑戦に学ぶ--
  鈴木, 赳生 (2019-02)
  ソシオロジ, 63(3): 41-58
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Adapting Live-Action Role-Play in Japan --How German Roots Do Not Destine Japanese Routes
  Björn-Ole, Kamm (2019)
  REPLAYING JAPAN MAR 2019, 1: 64-78
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Larger Head Displacement to Optic Flow Presented in the Lower Visual Field
  Fujimoto, Kanon, Ashida, Hiroshi (2019)
  i-Perception, 10(6)
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  米家, 泰作 (2018-12)
  2018年度実習旅行報告書--鹿児島市--: 121-128
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 138