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  伊勢田, 哲治 (2022-04-01)
  哲学, 2022(73): 10-24
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Postural adjustment as a function of scene orientation
  Fujimoto, Kanon; Ashida, Hiroshi (2022-03)
  Journal of Vision, 22(4)
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[調査報告] 消えたアカマツ --岡崎文彬のアカマツ林調査--
  米家, 泰作 (2022-01)
  2021年度実習旅行報告書 --福知山市--: 209-216
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COVID-19 school and kindergarten closure relates to children's social relationships: a longitudinal study in Japan
  Hagihara, Hiromichi; Yamamoto, Nozomi; Meng, Xianwei; Sakata, Chifumi; Wang, Jue; Watanabe, Ryoichi; Moriguchi, Yusuke (2022)
  Scientific Reports, 12
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Cats learn the names of their friend cats in their daily lives
  Takagi, Saho; Saito, Atsuko; Arahori, Minori; Chijiiwa, Hitomi; Koyasu, Hikari; Nagasawa, Miho; Kikusui, Takefumi; Fujita, Kazuo; Kuroshima, Hika (2022)
  Scientific Reports, 12
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Socio-spatial cognition in cats: Mentally mapping owner’s location from voice
  Takagi, Saho; Chijiiwa, Hitomi; Arahori, Minori; Saito, Atsuko; Fujita, Kazuo; Kuroshima, Hika (2021-11)
  PLOS ONE, 16(11)
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  高嶋, 航 (2021-04-15)
  歴史学研究, 1008: 12-19
Learning of spatial configurations of a co-actor's attended objects in joint visual search
  Sakata, Chifumi; Ueda, Yoshiyuki; Moriguchi, Yusuke (2021-04)
  Acta Psychologica, 215
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  木土, 博成 (2021-03)
  日本史研究, 703: 89-117
한반도 주요 도서 지역의 기후변화 지표 식물 분포
  김, 현희; 水野, 一晴; 이, 호상; 구, 재균; 공, 우석 (2021-01)
  Journal of Environmental Science International, 30(1): 29-43
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How was Du Yu Perceived in Northern Wei?: Which of his accomplishments garnered attention, and how were they appraised?
  IKEDA, Yukiya (2021)
  京都大学大学院文学研究科・文学部 人文知連携拠点: 1-16
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State, Temples and Shrines in Medieval Japan
  UEJIMA, Susumu (2021)
  京都大学大学院文学研究科・文学部 人文知連携拠点: 1-26
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The compilation and transmission of the Hakusei: An examination of young interpreters appearing in Mandarin textbooks
  KIZU, Yūko (2021)
  : 1-20
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Mukashi no hito no sode no ka zo suru (It smells like the sleeves of someone in the past)
  ŌTANI, Masao (2021)
  : 1-14
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Tocharian A ārkiśoṣi ‘world with radiance’ and Chinese suo po shi jie ‘world of sabhā’
  PAN, Tao (2021)
  Acta Asiatica Varsoviensia, 34: 263-294
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  谷川, 穣 (2020-08)
  日本教育史研究, 39: 37-45
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  米家, 泰作 (2020-01-30)
  2019年度実習旅行報告書 --島原市--: 137-144
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Dynamic Corridor Illusion in Pigeons: Humanlike Pictorial Cue Precedence Over Motion Parallax Cue in Size Perception
  Hataji, Yuya; Kuroshima, Hika; Fujita, Kazuo (2020)
  i-Perception, 11(2)
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Pigeons (Columba livia) integrate visual motion using the vector average rule: effect of viewing distance
  Hataji, Yuya; Fujita, Kazuo; Kuroshima, Hika (2020)
  Animal Cognition, 23: 819-825
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Age categorization of conspecific and heterospecific faces in capuchin monkeys (Sapajus apella)
  Kawaguchi, Yuri; Kuroshima, Hika; Fujita, Kazuo (2019-5-16)
  Journal of Comparative Psychology, 133(4): 502-511
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 150