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The effectiveness of somatization in communicating distress in Korean and American cultural contexts
  Choi, Eunsoo, Chentsova-Dutton, Yulia, Parrott, W. Gerrod (2016-03-23)
  Frontiers in Psychology, 7
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Neuropsychological Assessment of a New Computerized Cognitive Task that Was Developed to Train Several Cognitive Functions Simultaneously
  Ichihara-Takeda, Satoe, Takeda, Kazuyoshi, Ikeda, Nozomu, Matsuyama, Kiyoji, Funahashi, Shintaro (2016-04-12)
  Frontiers in Psychology, 7
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To Accept One’s Fate or Be Its Master: Culture, Control, and Workplace Choice
  Eisen, Charis, Ishii, Keiko, Miyamoto, Yuri, Ma, Xiaoming, Hitokoto, Hidefumi (2016-06-21)
  Frontiers in Psychology, 7
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Protecting Autonomy, Protecting Relatedness: Appraisal Patterns of Daily Anger and Shame in the United States and Japan
  Boiger, Michael, Uchida, Yukiko, Norasakkunkit, Vinai, Mesquita, Batja (2016-01)
  Japanese Psychological Research, 58(1): 28-41
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Prefrontal spatial working memory network predicts animal's decision making in a free choice saccade task
  Mochizuki, Kei, Funahashi, Shintaro (2016-01-01)
  American Physiological Society, 115(1): 127-142
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