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Selective Targeting of the KRAS Codon 12 Mutation Sequence by Pyrrole-Imidazole Polyamide seco-CBI Conjugates
  Taylor, Rhys D, Chandran, Anandhakumar, Kashiwazaki, Gengo, Hashiya, Kaori, Bando, Toshikazu, Nagase, Hiroki, Sugiyama, Hiroshi (2015-10-12)
  Chemistry - A European Journal, 21(42): 14996-15003
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Sequence-specific DNA alkylation by tandem Py-Im polyamide conjugates
  Taylor, Rhys Dylan, Kawamoto, Yusuke, Hashiya, Kaori, Bando, Toshikazu, Sugiyama, Hiroshi (2014-06-18)
  Chemistry -- an Asian journal, 9(9): 2527-2533
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Single strand DNA catenane synthesis using the formation of G-quadruplex structure
  Sannohe, Yuta, Sugiyama, Hiroshi (2012-03-15)
  Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 20(6): 2030-2034
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Distinct DNA-based epigenetic switches trigger transcriptional activation of silent genes in human dermal fibroblasts
  Pandian, Ganesh N, Taniguchi, Junichi, Junetha, Syed, Sato, Shinsuke, Han, Le, Saha, Abhijit, Anandhakumar, Chandran, Bando, Toshikazu, Nagase, Hiroki, Vaijayanthi, Thangavel, Taylor, Rhys D, Sugiyama, Hiroshi (2014-01-24)
  Scientific reports, 4
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DNA as a chiral scaffold for asymmetric synthesis
  Park, Soyoung, Sugiyama, Hiroshi (2012-10-31)
  Molecules, 17(11): 12792-12803
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Development of DNA Metalloenzymes Using a Rational Design Approach and Application in the Asymmetric Diels-Alder Reaction
  Park, Soyoung, Okamura, Izumi, Sakashita, Sohei, Yum, Ji Hye, Acharya, Chiranjit, Gao, Li, Sugiyama, Hiroshi (2015-08-07)
  ACS Catalysis, 5(8): 4708-4712
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Preferential 5-Methylcytosine Oxidation in the Linker Region of Reconstituted Positioned Nucleosomes by Tet1 Protein
  Kizaki, Seiichiro, Zou, Tingting, Li, Yue, Han, Yong Woon, Suzuki, Yuki, Harada, Yoshie, Sugiyama, Hiroshi (2016-11-07)
  Chemistry - A European Journal, 22: 16598-16601
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