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Large-Eddy-Simulation Study of the Effects of Building-Height Variability on Turbulent Flows over an Actual Urban Area
  Yoshida, Toshiya, Takemi, Tetsuya, Horiguchi, Mitsuaki (2018-07)
  Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 168(1): 127-153
Crustal dynamics: unified understanding of geodynamic processes at different time and length scales
  Iio, Yoshihisa, Sibson, Richard H., Takeshita, Toru, Sagiya, Takeshi, Shibazaki, Bunichiro, Nakajima, T. Junichi (2018-06-20)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 70
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Optimal sensor placement for active control of floor vibration considering spillover effect associated with modal filtering
  Kai, Xue, Igarashi, Akira, Kachi, Takahiro (2018-06-15)
  Engineering Structures, 165: 198-209
Measurement-based perturbation theory and differential equation parameter estimation with applications to satellite gravimetry
  Xu, Peiliang (2018-06-01)
  Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, 59: 515-543
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  永田, 茂, 池田, 芳樹, 日下, 彰宏, 鳥澤, 一晃, 中嶋, 洋介 (2018-05)
  日本地震工学会論文集, 18(2): 115-129
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Statistical analysis of dispersal and deposition patterns of volcanic emissions from Mt. Sakurajima, Japan
  Poulidis, Alexandros P., Takemi, Tetsuya, Shimizu, Atsushi, Iguchi, Masato, Jenkins, Susanna F. (2018-04)
  Atmospheric Environment, 179: 305-320
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  竹見, 哲也 (2018-04)
  季刊 : 消防防災の科学, 132: 17-21
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Clayey Landslide Initiation and Acceleration Strongly Modulated by Soil Swelling
  Schulz, William H., Smith, Joel B., Wang, Gonghui, Jiang, Yao, Roering, Joshua J. (2018-02-28)
  Geophysical Research Letters, 45(4): 1888-1896
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Prestate of Stress and Fault Behavior During the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake (M7.3)
  Matsumoto, Satoshi, Yamashita, Yusuke, Nakamoto, Manami, Miyazaki, Masahiro, Sakai, Shinichi, Iio, Yoshihisa, Shimizu, Hiroshi, Goto, Kazuhiko, Okada, Tomomi, Ohzono, Mako, Terakawa, Toshiko, Kosuga, Masahiro, Yoshimi, Masayuki, Asano, Youichi (2018-01-28)
  Geophysical Research Letters, 45(2): 637-645
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  矢守, 克也, 李, 旉昕 (2018)
  実験社会心理学研究 = The Japanese Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 57(2): 117-127
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  井上, 和真, 立石, 章, 渡辺, 和明, 五十嵐, 晃 (2018)
  インフラ・ライフライン減災対策シンポジウム講演集, 8: 23-32
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  竹見, 哲也 (2017‐09)
  天気, 64(9): 656
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Ground deformation source model at Kuchinoerabu-jima volcano during 2006–2014 as revealed by campaign GPS observation
  Hotta, Kohei, Iguchi, Masato (2017-12-22)
  Earth, Planets and Space, 69
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  矢守, 克也 (2017-12)
  地震学会モノグラフ(地震発生予測と大震法および地震防災研究), 5: 24-28
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  加納, 靖之 (2017-11)
  地震. 2輯, 70: 171-182
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Dynamics and Predictability of Downward-Propagating Stratospheric Planetary Waves Observed in March 2007
  Mukougawa, Hitoshi, Noguchi, Shunsuke, Kuroda, Yuhji, Mizuta, Ryo, Kodera, Kunihiko (2017-11)
  Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 74(11): 3533-3550
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  加納, 靖之 (2017-11)
  リポート笠間, 63: 53-56
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災害と共生 --人間・自然・社会--
  矢守, 克也 (2017-10)
  災害と共生 = Disaster and Kyosei, 1(1): 15-20
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  米山, 邦夫, 竹見, 哲也 (2017-10)
  天気, 64(10): 744-744
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  山崎, 聖太, 筆保, 弘徳,, 加藤, 雅也, 竹見, 哲也, 清原, 康友 (2017-10)
  日本風工学会論文集, 42(4): 121-133
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 251