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Emergence of the ρ resonance from the HAL QCD potential in lattice QCD
  Akahoshi, Yutaro; Aoki, Sinya; Doi, Takumi (2021-09)
  Physical Review D, 104(5)
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Most Strange Dibaryon from Lattice QCD
  Gongyo, Shinya; Sasaki, Kenji; Aoki, Sinya; Doi, Takumi; Hatsuda, Tetsuo; Ikeda, Yoichi; Inoue, Takashi; Iritani, Takumi; Ishii, Noriyoshi; Miyamoto, Takaya; Nemura, Hidekatsu (2018-05-25)
  Physical Review Letters, 120(21)
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Dibaryon with Highest Charm Number near Unitarity from Lattice QCD
  Lyu, Yan; Tong, Hui; Sugiura, Takuya; Aoki, Sinya; Doi, Takumi; Hatsuda, Tetsuo; Meng, Jie; Miyamoto, Takaya (2021-08)
  Physical Review Letters, 127(7)
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Page curve under final state projection
  Akal, Ibrahim; Kawamoto, Taishi; Ruan, Shan-Ming; Takayanagi, Tadashi; Wei, Zixia (2022-06)
  Physical Review D, 105(12)
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Wedge holography in flat space and celestial holography
  Ogawa, Naoki; Takayanagi, Tadashi; Tsuda, Takashi; Waki, Takahiro (2023-01)
  Physical Review D, 107(2)
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Unitarity and unstable-particle scattering amplitudes
  Aoki, Katsuki (2023-03)
  Physical Review D, 107(6)
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New holographic generalization of entanglement entropy
  Nakata, Yoshifumi; Takayanagi, Tadashi; Taki, Yusuke; Tamaoka, Kotaro; Wei, Zixia (2021-01)
  Physical Review D, 103(2)
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Entanglement Entropy in a Holographic Moving Mirror and the Page Curve
  Akal, Ibrahim; Kusuki, Yuya; Shiba, Noburo; Takayanagi, Tadashi; Wei, Zixia (2021-02)
  Physical Review Letters, 126(6)
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Classically emulated digital quantum simulation for screening and confinement in the Schwinger model with a topological term
  Honda, Masazumi; Itou, Etsuko; Kikuchi, Yuta; Nagano, Lento; Okuda, Takuya (2022-01)
  Physical Review D, 105(1)
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Pseudo-Entropy in Free Quantum Field Theories
  Mollabashi, Ali; Shiba, Noburo; Takayanagi, Tadashi; Tamaoka, Kotaro; Wei, Zixia (2021-02)
  Physical Review Letters, 126(8)
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