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Higher harmonic analyses of the [252]Cf source driven noise analysis method
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro (2015-02)
  Annals of Nuclear Energy, 76: 521-529
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Validation of (241)Am Capture Cross Section through Integral Test Using Criticality Data of Light-water Moderated MOX Cores
  Nakajima, Ken; Sano, Tadafumi; Yamamoto, Toshihiro (2015-05)
  Energy Procedia, 71: 237-243
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A new concept of Monte Carlo kinetics parameter calculation using complex-valued perturbation
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro; Sakamoto, Hiroki (2014-09)
  Annals of Nuclear Energy, 71: 480-488
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Frequency domain optical tomography using a Monte Carlo perturbation method
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro; Sakamoto, Hiroki (2016-04)
  Optics Communications, 364: 165-176
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Monte Carlo method for solving a B1 equation with complex-valued buckling in asymmetric geometries and generation of directional diffusion coefficients
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro; Sakamoto, Hiroki (2018-12)
  Annals of Nuclear Energy, 122: 37-46
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Implementation of a frequency-domain neutron noise analysis method in a production-level continuous energy Monte Carlo code: Verification and application in a BWR
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro (2018-05)
  Annals of Nuclear Energy, 115: 494-501
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Dynamic mode decomposition for subcriticality measurement using measured data at single location
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro; Sakamoto, Hiroki (2023-01)
  Annals of Nuclear Energy, 180
Eigenvalue sensitivity analysis capabilities with the differential operator method in the superhistory Monte Carlo method
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro (2018-02)
  Annals of Nuclear Energy, 112: 150-157
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A Monte Carlo technique for sensitivity analysis of alpha-eigenvalue with the differential operator sampling method
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro; Sakamoto, Hiroki (2019-05)
  Annals of Nuclear Energy, 127: 178-187
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Advances in time-dependent Monte Carlo simulations for void velocity determination using neutron noise techniques
  Yamamoto, Toshihiro; Shen, Xiuzhong; Sakamoto, Hiroki (2021-08)
  Progress in Nuclear Energy, 138
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