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Forest understories controlled the soil organic carbon stock during the fallow period in African tropical forest: a 13C analysis
  Sugihara, Soh, Shibata, Makoto, Mvondo Ze, Antoine D., Tanaka, Haruo, Kosaki, Takashi, Funakawa, Shinya (2019-07-08)
  Scientific Reports, 9
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Wetland environmental bioreactor system contributes to the decomposition of cellulose
  Liu, Wen, Tanimura, Aya, Nagara, Yumi, Watanabe, Tetsuhiro, Maegawa, Shingo, Toyohara, Haruhiko (2019-07)
  Ecology and Evolution, 9(14): 8013-8024
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Impact of soil estimation in Kruger National Park using MODIS data
  Ibrahim, Sa’ad, Balzter, Heiko, Tansey, Kevin, Mathieu, Renaud, Tsutsumida, Narumasa (2019-04-12)
  Remote Sensing, 11(8)
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Enabling collaborative action between self-help groups and rural local bodies through an exploratory workshop: The case of a peri-urban village in Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India
  Kandpal, Richa, Saizen, Izuru (2019-03-20)
  Sustainability, 11(6)
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Investigating spatial error structures in continuous raster data
  Tsutsumida, Narumasa, Rodríguez-Veiga, Pedro, Harris, Paul, Balzter, Heiko, Comber, Alexis (2019-02)
  International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 74: 259-268
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Mapping spatial accuracy of the forest type classification in JAXA’s high-resolution land use and land cover map
  Tsutsumida, N., Nagai, S., Rodríguez-Veiga, P., Katagi, J., Nasahara, K., Tadono, T. (2019)
  ISPRS Annals of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, IV-3/W1: 57-63
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High time-resolution simulation of E. coli on hands reveals large variation in microbial exposures amongst Vietnamese farmers using human excreta for agriculture
  Julian, Timothy R., Vithanage, Hasitha S.K., Chua, Min Li, Kuroda, Matasaka, Pitol, Ana K., Nguyen, Pham Hong Lien, Canales, Robert A., Fujii, Shigeo, Harada, Hidenori (2018-09-01)
  Science of The Total Environment, 635: 120-131
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What can the Philippines learn from Thailand`s ENCON Fund in overcoming the barriers to developing renewable energy resources
  Saculsan, Phoebe Grace J., Mori, Akihisa (2018-07)
  Journal of Clean Energy Technologies, 6(4): 273-283
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Livelihood Strategies after the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia
  Ismail, Nafesa, Okazaki, Kenji, Ochiai, Chiho, Fernandez, Glenn (2018)
  Procedia Engineering, 212: 551-558
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Household Livelihood Recovery after 2015 Nepal Earthquake in Informal Economy: Case Study of Shop Owners in Bungamati
  Chatterjee, Ranit, Okazaki, Kenji (2018)
  Procedia Engineering, 212: 543-550
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Is post-disaster housing reconstruction with participatory method effective to increasing people’s awareness for disaster prevention?
  Abe, Miwa, Ochiai, Chiho, Okazaki, Kenji (2018)
  Procedia Engineering, 212: 411-418
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Analysis of the Constraints in the Renewable Energy Sector within a Multi-level Energy Transition Perspective (MLP): The Case of the Philippines
  Saculsan, Phoebe Grace (2018)
  IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 159(1)
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Collaborative Conservation of a Socio-Ecological Production Landscape through ICT Tools
  Peng, Li-Pei, Wang, Chung-Jung, Onitsuka, Kenichiro (2017-9-9)
  Environments, 4(3)
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Geographically weighted partial correlation for spatial analysis
  Percival, Joseph, Tsutsumida, Narumasa (2017-06-30)
  GI_Forum, 5(1): 36-43
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The Application of a Geographically Weighted Principal Component Analysis for Exploring Twenty-three Years of Goat Population Change across Mongolia
  Tsutsumida, Narumasa, Harris, Paul, Comber, Alexis (2017-05-31)
  Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 107(5): 1060-1074
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Household perceptions about the impacts of climate change on food security in the mountainous region of Nepal
  Poudel, Shobha, Funakawa, Shinya, Shinjo, Hitoshi (2017-04-18)
  Sustainability (Switzerland), 9(4)
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  森, 晶寿 (2017-03)
  環境経済・政策研究, 10(1): 36-38
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  森, 晶寿 (2017-01)
  グローバルアジア・レヴュー, 3: 13-14
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Multi-level analysis of sustainable energy transition in Kenya: Role of exogenous actors
  Mori, Akihisa, Le, Dong (2017)
  International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 7(5): 111-122
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  古川, 愛子, 好川, 浩輝, 清野, 純史 (2017)
  土木学会論文集A1(構造・地震工学) = Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. A1 (Structural Engineering & Earthquake Engineering), 73(4): I_32-I_47
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 59