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Algebraic Manipulation for Differential Equations   10

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  数理解析研究所講究録, 681
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微分差分作用素環用Grobner基底パッケージのO.D.E. section問題への応用(微分方程式の数式処理システムの研究)
  高山, 信毅 (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 1-26
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  村田, 嘉弘 (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 27-53
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Str. of the Moduli Sp. of SL-eq's on a Riem. Surface and Monod. Preserving Deformation(Algebraic Manipulation for Differential Equations)
  Iwasaki, K. (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 54-68
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Fuchsian systems associated with the P$^2$(F$_2$)-arrangement(Algebraic Manipulation for Differential Equations)
  Sakurai, Kouichi, Yoshida, Masaaki (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 69-89
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  山宮, 茂樹 (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 90-102
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The period map of a 4-parameter family of K3 surfaces and the Aomoto-Gel'fand hypergeometric function of type (3,6)(Algebraic Manipulation for Differential Equations)
  MATSUMOTO, Keiji, SASAKI, Takeshi, YOSHIDA, Masaaki (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 103-109
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  木村, 弘信 (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 110-122
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  佐々井, 崇雄 (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 123-139
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  大河内, 茂美 (1989-02)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 681: 140-148
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List Of Items (Sorted by table of contents in Ascending order): 1 to 10 of 10