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The Cognitive Process of Objectivization in Different Cultures: A Japanese/English Comparison
  SUGAYA, YUSUKE (2017-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 23: 83-105
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The conceptual basis of the particles up and down in English: asymmetries in vertical axis
  Otani, Naoki (2006-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 12: 95-115
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The English Caused-Motion Construction Revisited --A Cognitive Perspective--
  KODAMA, Kazuhiro (2004-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 10: 41-54
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The Japanese studies of Alldreas Muller (1630-1694)
  Osterkamp, Sven (2010-12-25)
  京都大学言語学研究, 29: 77-151
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The Natural Order Hypothesis vs. Foreign Language Teaching
  Sell, David A. (1989-12-01)
  言語学研究, 8: 1-16
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The Short Intonation Unit as a Vehicle of Important Topics
  Nakagawa, Natsuko, Yokomori, Daisuke, Asao, Yoshihiko (2010-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 16: 111-131
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Two Alliterative Uighur Poems from Dunhuang
  Yakup, Abdurishid (1999-12-24)
  言語学研究, 17-18: 1-25
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Two Ethnic Languages of the Ma'a People : A Sociolinguistic Approach
  Abe, Maya (2002-12-25)
  京都大学言語学研究, 21: 25-49
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Types of causal relations : a survey
  Tamura, Sanae, Hara, Yurie, Kim, Youngju, Sakai, Hiromu (2010-12-25)
  京都大学言語学研究, 29: 1-26
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  早津, 恵美子 (2003-12-26)
  京都大学言語学研究, 22: 67-117
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Where Do Constructional Meanings Come From? --But They Will Come From Nowhere If They Are Mere "Form/Meaning Pairs"?--
  KURODA, Kow (1997-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 3: 17-44
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Whose Perspective Do Language Comprehenders Adopt During Motor Simulations?
  TANAKA, YUSUKE (2018-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 24: 99-109
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Заимствованные слова в долганском языке : (Обзор проблем)
  Stachowski, Marek (2002-12-25)
  京都大学言語学研究, 21: 1-24
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Кыпчаки - кто они?
  Тугушева, Л. Ю. (2004-12-24)
  京都大学言語学研究, 23: 1-15
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Якутские глаголы, заимствованные из русского языка, образованные от повелительных форм русских глаголов
  Фудзисиро, Сэцу (1991-12-01)
  言語学研究, 10: 168-193
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「あっ! こんなところにあった」--意味構造と「過去」--
  山本, 雅子 (1997-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 3: 45-59
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  梶丸, 岳 (2008-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 14: 89-107
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「しかし」と「ところが」: 日本語の逆接系接続詞に関する一考察
  北野, 浩章 (1989-12-01)
  言語学研究, 8: 39-52
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  増田, 将伸 (2007-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 13: 55-69
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「どんな/どういう+名詞」型質問 : 応答連鎖における優先構造
  増田, 将伸 (2011-12)
  言語科学論集 = Papers in linguistic science, 17: 143-158
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