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表紙, Contents, 奥付
  ELCAS Journal, 3
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<ELCAS 活動報告>The Potential of Learning --What one summer's memory taught me--
  Yamane, Ayaka (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 116-117
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<ELCAS 活動報告>What I Learned about Agriculture in Vietnam
  Kashiwabara, Tomoka (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 120-121
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<ELCAS 活動報告>What I learned in Vietnam
  Yamashita, Mizuki (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 114-115
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<ELCAS 活動報告>High School Education in Vietnam
  Hasebe, Io (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 118-119
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  京都大学学際融合教育研究推進センター高大接続科学教育ユニット (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 122-125
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  綾本, 碧尉; 西堀, 洋平; 宮下, 英明 (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 104-104
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<論文・報告>Synthesis of π-Extended Hydroxyfluoranthenes and Their Unique Chromic Properties
  Kamitake, Yoshio; Ohno, Atsumu; Ogawa, Naoki; Tamura, Hirokazu; Takasu, Kiyosei (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 100-100
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<論文・報告>Spectroscopy of plasma induced by a kitchen microwave
  Ueno, Yamato; Yasufuku, Ryo; Miyazaki, Syuji (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 102-102
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<ELCAS 活動報告>Study on dugongs' vocalization
  Jin, Zixuan (2018-03)
  ELCAS Journal, 3: 109-110
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