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A Mixed Prediction Model of Ground Subsidence for Civil Infrastructures on Soft Ground
  Kobayashi, Kiyoshi, Kaito, Kiyoyuki (2012)
  Journal of Applied Mathematics, 2012
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Cross-cultural differences and similarities in proneness to shame: An adaptationist and ecological approach
  Sznycer, Daniel, Takemura, Kosuke, Delton, Andrew W., Sato, Kosuke, Robertson, Theresa, Cosmides, Leda, Tooby, John (2012)
  Evolutionary Psychology, 10(2): 352-370
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Economic integration and trade deficit: A case of Vietnam
  Bui, Trinh, Kobayashi, Kiyoshi, Vu, Trung Dien (2011-10-21)
  Journal of Economics and International Finance, 3(13): 669-675
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知の伝達の成否 : 技術情報の事例
  前川, 佳一 (2011-03-31)
  ナレッジ・マネジメント研究年報, 10: 17-31
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Public reviews and trust formation in disaster risk management
  HATORI, Tsuyoshi, KOBAYASHI, Kiyoshi, JEONG, Hayeong (2011-03)
  Journal of natural disaster science, 32(2): 89-97
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Random proportional Weibull hazard model for large-scale information systems
  Kobayashi, Kiyoshi, Kaito, Kiyoyuki (2011)
  Facilities, 29(13/14): 611-627
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Shareholder Heterogeneity and Conflicting Goals: Strategic Investments in the Japanese Electronics Industry
  Colpan, Asli M., Yoshikawa, Toru, Hikino, Takashi, Del Brio, Esther B. (2010-07-23)
  Journal of Management Studies, 48(3): 591-618
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Local assimilation of an enterprise system: Situated learning by means of familiarity pockets
  Yamauchi, Yutaka, Swanson, E. Burton (2010-07)
  Information and Organization, 20(3-4): 187-206
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  原, 良憲, 前川, 佳一, 神田, 智子 (2010-05-01)
  人工知能学会誌, 25(3): 444-451
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協働化イノベーション : 京都市の取り組みを事例として<21年度第3回研究会>
  福士, 久美子, 原, 良憲 (2010-01-29)
  映像情報メディア学会技術報告, 34(4): 23-28
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Discourse Analysis of Public Debates Using Corpus Linguistic Methodologies
  JEONG, Hayeong, SHIRAMATSU, Shun, KOBAYASHI, Kiyoshi, HATORI, Tsuyoshi (2008-08)
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情報システム基盤におけるSymbiotic Computing : <特集>シンビオティック・システムの実現に向けて : 人,社会,環境,情報システムの協調系
  原, 良憲, 山田, 敬嗣 (2006-08-15)
  情報処理, 47(8): 844-850
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Service as Intersubjective Struggle
  Yamauchi, Yutaka
  Handbook of Service Science, Volume II : 811-837
List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 21 to 33 of 33