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Targeted gene integration using the combination of a sequence-specific DNA-binding protein and phiC31 integrase
  Nakanishi, Hideyuki, Higuchi, Yuriko, Yamashita, Fumiyoshi, Hashida, Mitsuru (2014-07-17)
  Journal of biotechnology, 186: 139-147
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A novel multi-dimensional visualization technique for understanding the design parameters of drug formulations
  Yamashita, Fumiyoshi, Itoh, Takayuki, Yoshida, Shuya, Haidar, Mohammad K., Hashida, Mitsuru (2010-08-09)
  Computers & Chemical Engineering, 34(8): 1306-1311
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Factors Influencing the Surface Modification of Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Fluorescein-Pegylated Lipids
  Takafuji, Yoshimasa, Higuchi, Yuriko, Muro, Atsushi, Oshiro, Kohei, Kawakami, Shigeru, Yamashita, Fumiyoshi, Hashida, Mitsuru (2013-11-01)
  Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 36(11): 1731-1738
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Involvement of activated transcriptional process in efficient gene transfection using unmodified and mannose-modified bubble lipoplexes with ultrasound exposure
  Un, Keita, Kawakami, Shigeru, Higuchi, Yuriko, Suzuki, Ryo, Maruyama, Kazuo, Yamashita, Fumiyoshi, Hashida, Mitsuru (2011-12-20)
  Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society, 156(3): 355-363
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Modeling of Rifampicin-Induced CYP3A4 Activation Dynamics for the Prediction of Clinical Drug-Drug Interactions from In Vitro Data
  Yamashita, Fumiyoshi, Sasa, Yukako, Yoshida, Shuya, Hisaka, Akihiro, Asai, Yoshiyuki, Kitano, Hiroaki, Hashida, Mitsuru, Suzuki, Hiroshi (2013-09-24)
  PloS one, 8(9)
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