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Theory of group characters
  Brauer, Richard (1979)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1979), 12
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Spherical functions and spherical matrix functions on locally compact groups
  Shin'ya, Hitoshi (1974)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1974), 7
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P-adic analysis and zeta functions
  Monsky, Paul (1970)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1970), 4
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On automorphism group of k[x, y]
  Nagata, Masayoshi (1972)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1972), 5
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A differential geometric study on strongly pseudo-convex manifolds
  Tanaka, Noboru (1975)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1975), 9
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Automorphic forms and algebraic extensions of number fields
  Saito, Hiroshi (1975)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1975), 8
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Typical formal groups in complex cobordism and K-theory
  Araki, Shôrô (1973)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1973), 6
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On classification of ruled surfaces
  Maruyama, Masaki (1970)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1970), 3
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Differential algebra of nonzero characteristic
  Okugawa, Kôtaro (1987)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1987), 16
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Lectures on algebraic solutions of hypergeometric differential equations
  Matsuda, Michihiko (1985)
  Lectures in Mathematics (1985), 15
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