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Stability conditions on threefolds with nef tangent bundles
  Koseki, Naoki (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 9-17
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Geometric Satake correspondence for affine Kac-Moody Lie algebras of type A
  Nakajima, Hiraku (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 18-29
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  原, 和平 (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 55-67
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Kummer surfaces, and Enriques surfaces with tree structure
  向井, 茂 (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 134-144
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Geometric aspects of Manin's conjecture
  Tanimoto, Sho (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 76-86
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  池田, 曉志 (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 45-54
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Arithmetic approach to Newton-Okounkov Bbodies
  Chen, Huayi (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 68-75
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Cubic hypersurfaces with positive dual defects
  古川, 勝久 (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 87-92
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On minimal model program in positive characteristic
  Tanaka, Hiromu (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 3-8
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Relative Gromov-Witten theory in Symplectic geometry
  Fukaya, Kenji (2018)
  代数幾何学シンポジウム記録, 2018: 30-44
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