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A characterization of the Vickrey rule in slot allocation problems
  Zhou, Yu; Chun, Youngsub; Serizawa, Shigehiro (2022-03)
  International Journal of Economic Theory, 18(1): 38-49
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How supervisors respond to employee voice: an experimental study in China and Japan
  Yang, Yunyue; Li, Jie; Sekiguchi, Tomoki (2021-02)
  Asian Business & Management, 20: 1-31
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Western Merchants and Intra-Asian Trade: John Henry Duus at Treaty Port Hakodate (Part One 1861-68)
  Ivings, Steven (2021)
  Shashi: the Journal of Japanese Business and Company History, 6(1): 9-21
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会計の科学性と社会的役割 --アートと科学の狭間で--
  藤井, 秀樹 (2020-10-28)
  : 1-15
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Needs and prospects for public sector accounting reform: The Japanese experience
  Fujii, Hideki (2020-10-28)
  : 1-16
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Is growth declining in the service economy?
  Sasaki, Hiroaki (2020-06)
  Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 53: 26-38
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Cleaning up the air for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: Empirical study on China's thermal power sector
  Ma, Teng; Takeuchi, Kenji (2020-05)
  Resource and Energy Economics, 60
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Attractiveness of Japanese firms to international job applicants: the effects of belongingness, uniqueness, and employment patterns
  Huang, Liang; Yang, Yunyue; Sekiguchi, Tomoki (2020-02)
  Asian Business & Management, 19: 118-144
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A multilevel and dynamic model of intragroup conflict and decision making: application of agent-based modeling
  Wu, Jiunyan; Sekiguchi, Tomoki (2019-12-31)
  Frontiers of Business Research in China, 13
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Evolution of Accounting Standards, Why and How? : An Institutional Perspective
  Fujii, Hideki (2019-11-15)
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Predicting Job Crafting From the Socially Embedded Perspective: The Interactive Effect of Job Autonomy, Social Skill, and Employee Status
  Sekiguchi, Tomoki; Li, Jie; Hosomi, Masaki (2017-12-01)
  The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 53(4): 470-497
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非営利法人会計制度の回顧と展望 --公益法人会計基準の検討を中心に--
  藤井, 秀樹 (2017-07-26)
  非営利法人研究学会誌, 19: 1-11
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  山口, 臨太郎; 井上, 博成 (2016-09)
  環境経済・政策研究, 9(2): 51-54
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新基準における純資産の部の変容 --簿記教育・簿記理論の観点から考える--
  藤井, 秀樹 (2016-09)
  日本簿記学会年報, 31: 101-105
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  藤井, 秀樹 (2016-05-31)
  財務会計研究, 10: 1-20
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  山口, 臨太郎; 佐藤, 真行; 植田, 和弘 (2016-03-04)
  被害・費用の包括的把握, 5(9): 251-276
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  山口, 臨太郎; 大久保, 和宣; 佐藤, 真行; 篭橋, 一輝; 馬奈木, 俊介 (2016-03)
  環境経済・政策研究, 9(1): 14-27
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Measuring Regional Wealth and Assessing Sustainable Development: An Application to a Disaster-Torn Region in Japan
  Yamaguchi, Rintaro; Sato, Masayuki; Ueta, Kazuhiro (2016)
  Social Indicators Research
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  Sasaki, Hiroaki (2015-12)
  Macroeconomic Dynamics, 19(08): 1647-1658
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A Joint Specification Test for Response Probabilities in Unordered Multinomial Choice Models
  Iwasawa, Masamune (2015-09-16)
  Econometrics, 3(3): 667-697
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List Of Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 54